New contemporary art fair to launch in Sandton 13-15 September 2019

LATITUDES Art Fair is a new platform for African art in international times. “By African, we mean anyone who has a meaningful connection to Africa and the diaspora, and by international, we mean the endless permutations of trans-geographic relationships – not the reinforcement of values entrenched in European and American economic centres” explains LATITUDES Co-Founder, Makgati Molebatsi.

“The Fair has been developed in close conversation with several African galleries, and sets out to nurture exchange between artists, galleries, collectors, curators, and researchers throughout Africa and the diasporas. We aim to expand and strengthen audiences for contemporary art, as well as create a richer global understanding of African cultural production.” LATITUDES Co-Founder, Lucy MacGarry.

Launching in September as part of the wider Art Week Joburg programme, LATITUDES will bring together a curated selection of galleries, independent platforms, studios, and artists from the African continent. The 2019 programme of special, curated projects includes the following sections:

Each year the fair will present a focus section featuring the work of one established and one emerging artist. ESSAY is geared towards rarely-seen work by artists beginning their careers and overlooked masters.

SPOTLIGHT is a curated selection of artists from Africa and the diaspora whose work is unknown or underrepresented outside of the regional contexts in which they or their galleries operate. Each artist is presented through a concise feature showcasing 3 works. Curatorially, the Spotlight section allows a conversation between different artistic practices.

INDEPENDENT is presented by the South African Mint is curated exhibition of early career artists with no gallery representation. The objective of the annual exhibition is to introduce the works of unrepresented artists to galleries participating in LATITUDES.

The fair is thrilled to host an annual solo exhibition by the winner of EPI to support and recognise emerging painters living and working on the continent.


LATITUDES is founded by an all-female team: Lucy MacGarry, Makgati Molebatsi, Anthea Buys, Nokwazi Zimu and Roberta Coci.

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