One cannot think of a more authentic and experiential way to be immersed in the culture and historic sites of a destination than through riding on a classic motorcycle, then walk the streets and pathways of Johannesburg through storytelling...

These are but some of the creative escapades that On Any day Adventures is set to deliver to you from 1stAugust 2019 through retro-ride tours. On Any Day Adventures together with their partners, has carefully selected the most uncommon destinations and sites of Johannesburg and Southern Africa. You will get to walk the jazzy streets of Sophiatown, flavoursome inner-city Johannesburg, the symbolic Freedom Square in Kliptown, Soweto amongst others. The tours are conducted through lived experiences as the guides grew up, and some still live and work in these areas.

Johannesburg, also known as the pot of gold and home of icons, is dotted with an enriching history, art and culture. This sprightly city is a must do if you want to understand the people of South Africa, who all come from a multiplicity of intricate backgrounds literally from around the world. It is said that Joburg people are the most vibrant and dynamic you will find anywhere. One can feel the pulse and heartbeat of the people through fashion, art, language and cuisine. Joburg is also a former farmland that has evolved into a bustling concrete jungle and the economic hub and engine of the country due to the Gold Rush era back in the1800’s. This stems from the great discovery of gold near Golf Reef City, south of Johannesburg. The genesis of change in the face of our economy and housing complexities took place, with migrant workers coming from all over South Africa and the rest of the continent to work and dig up this very precious mineral.


Choose from a list of classic escapes or get in touch to customise your very own route.

Ride in the northward direction and another discovery of the most precious gem took place in the quaint town of Cullinan, Tshwane – Cullinan Diamond Mine. The mine continues to give life to the small town where everything happens within the confines of a small stretch of road, decorated with eateries that look like they were made from relics – a very eclectic and vintage style that gives a unique taste of yesteryears.  Even the Post Office is something to behold as it holds much history and has been beautifully preserved.
The Jacaranda trees form a warm lilac roof over the street and are pleasant for alfresco almost all year round – very picturesque!

Johannesburg is a city of contrasts, one minute you are in the shopping mecca of Southern Africa, Sandton City, where the Diamond Mile is situated for those who only shop for luxury; the next minute you are in Alexandra, comprised largely of slums, is one of the historically disadvantaged areas where much economic development still needs to happen. Yet, some thrive, some still live in extreme poverty. The people take pride in their appearances, their homes – no matter how small or big. The streets are always vibrant and exude personality that is almost tangible. Soweto, Alexandra, Sophiatown, are steeped in history and the colourful culture of South Africa. Some of our most iconic and respected leaders who helped shape the democracy of our country lived in these urban townships. OnAnyDay Adventures explores Sophiatown where a local ambassador relates the events of years gone by about how“Sophiatown was once known for its bohemian lifestyle and its multi-racial character. It was a vibrant melting pot, not just for racial and cultural integration, but also for creative expression. It boasted amongst its most renowned residents, Can Themba and Bloke Modisane – the famed Drum writers, the singer and actress Dolly Rathebe, the world- renowned trumpeter Hugh Masikela, and the poet Don Mattera. It was also a bedrock for anti-apartheid action and sentiment, and at the centre of this were political figures and activists like Nelson Mandela, Father Trevor Huddleston, Helen Joseph, and Ruth First. This made the area especially undesirable for the government of the day, which strove for the separation of races and the enforcement of a hierarchy of colour”.

With each experience, it feels like going back in time and reliving the moment. These are hop on, hop off tours as you will ride then walk with the most knowledgeable, creative and passionate narrators in travel. Ride to inner-city Joburg and walk the streets of Newtown, Maboneng, etc. Do expect to slide under bridges, railway lines and suddenly be hit by the aroma of coffee beans being crushed and roasted. You will get to enjoy your brew, be mesmerized with a spontaneous jazzy, unplugged sessions; the thrill gets better and better at all points and corners.


Elle and Damian, owners of On Any Day Adventures – a company founded on passion and love for the most beautiful and rich continent in the world; are delighted and ready to finally share their appreciation of this beautiful masterpiece through retro travel. The vibrant pair has meticulously selected a range of classic motorbikes that are not only safe, solid and comfortable. Their bikes are stylish, beautiful with loads of sex appeal.All the bikes come with the required sophistication, modern touches plus features that do not make them look too hard, nor too tame.

Meet “The Street Scrambler – it has a beautiful style, rugged off-road attitude and cool versatility that has earned it a phenomenal reputation worldwide. The new-for-2019 enhancements add a new dimension of performance, capability, comfort and style to one of Triumph’s most accessible and easy-handling modern classics”. They are normal road and overland ready bikes!

On Any Day Adventures starts rocking and roaring from 1stAugust 2019. Book your escape today – or email



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