At Joburgstyle Media House, we serve as the ultimate storytellers and experience curators, capturing the vibrant spirit of Johannesburg in all its facets. From media coverage that dives deep into the city’s pulse to highlighting the hottest trends, including game reserves, hotels, kids outings, fashion, beauty, and culinary experiences, we’re your guide to the heartbeat of this dynamic city.

Our Role

We specialize in crafting compelling narratives that breathe life into Johannesburg’s diverse landscape. Through our multimedia platforms, we not only document but celebrate the city’s essence, offering a comprehensive exploration of its varied elements and experiences.

Media Offerings

  1. Immersive Media Coverage: Our media house creates engaging content that transports audiences into the heart of Johannesburg. From captivating videos to insightful articles and interactive features, we showcase the city’s vibrancy across various platforms.
  2. Hotel Spotlights: Joburgstyle Media House meticulously curates comprehensive showcases of the city’s finest hotels and accommodations. Whether it’s luxurious retreats or hidden gems tucked away in lively neighborhoods, we guide you to exceptional stays.
  3. Game Reserve Adventures: Beyond the urban buzz, we delve into the breathtaking wildlife experiences offered by game reserves near Johannesburg. Our immersive journeys highlight the beauty of reserves like Kruger National Park and Pilanesberg, inviting audiences on unforgettable safaris.
  4. Family-friendly Outings: Exploring Johannesburg with kids? We provide tailored guides to ensure enjoyable and memorable family outings, covering exciting attractions and activities suitable for every age group.
  5. Fashion & Beauty Highlights: From the trendiest fashion spots in Sandton to the hottest beauty spots in town, we spotlight the latest in fashion trends and beauty scenes, capturing the city’s evolving styles and beauty standards.
  6. Culinary Delights: Johannesburg’s diverse culinary scene is a centerpiece of our coverage, presenting not only the finest dining spots but also the street food culture and hidden gastronomic treasures.

Unique Features

  1. Engaging Competitions: Beyond static content, we host dynamic competitions and live streams, inviting our audience to participate actively and engage with the city’s trends and experiences.
  2. Online Book Club: Our unique online book club serves as a meeting ground for avid readers and authors. Discussions and debates unfold around books crafted from real-life stories and personal events, fostering a community of literary enthusiasts and storytellers.
  3. Exploring Soweto’s Essence: Embracing the heartbeat of Johannesburg’s history and culture, we delve into the iconic township of Soweto. Unveiling its rich heritage, diverse culture, and pivotal role in the city’s narrative, we showcase Soweto’s vibrant communities, historical landmarks, and cultural events. From the iconic Vilakazi Street to immersive township tours, we bring alive the spirit and soul of this integral part of Johannesburg.

What’s Hot in Johannesburg

  1. Fashion Forward: The city is a melting pot of diverse styles, with Sandton and Rosebank leading the way in fashion trends that seamlessly blend global influences with local creativity.
  2. Beauty Scenes: Johannesburg’s beauty industry is burgeoning, with innovative salons, spas, and beauty specialists offering cutting-edge treatments and services.
  3. Culinary Adventures: From fine dining experiences in luxury hotels to exploring food markets and street vendors, Johannesburg offers a gastronomic journey that caters to all tastes.
  4. Family-friendly Fun: Joburg’s family outings range from wildlife parks and interactive museums to outdoor adventures, ensuring kids have a blast while exploring the city.


At Joburgstyle, our commitment is to capture the vibrant tapestry of Johannesburg, covering not just its media landscape but also serving as a comprehensive guide to experiencing the city’s hottest trends, whether it’s fashion, beauty, family outings, hotels, game reserves, or dining. From competitions to an inclusive online book club. Join us on an exciting journey through the heartbeat of Johannesburg’s media, trends, and immersive experiences!

Meet The Team

Bianca Emmerick (Managing Director)

Bianca’s journey in the hospitality industry spanning over two decades, across diverse locations across the globe, reflects a wealth of experience and expertise. Her specialization with an advanced degree in butler services adds a unique touch to the Joburgstyle profile. As the Managing Director of Joburgstyle, Bianca’s leadership brings a blend of industry knowledge and a keen understanding of service excellence.

Bianca’s extensive background in the hospitality sector, having worked in various capacities across different regions, underscores her deep understanding of guest experiences, operational intricacies, and the nuances of delivering top-tier services. her tenure in Seychelles, known for its luxury hospitality, likely provided a rich platform for honing her skills and embracing diverse cultural nuances in service delivery.

Bianca’s possession of an advanced butler’s degree signifies a dedication to mastering the art of personalized service, an attribute that can profoundly influence the service standards upheld by Joburgstyle. Her leadership at Joburgstyle, undoubtedly, brings a refined approach to media management, with an emphasis on portraying and enhancing the hospitality and lifestyle facets of Johannesburg.

The combined expertise in hospitality and media, along with her seasoned insights into service excellence, likely shapes Joburgstyle’s ethos, infusing it with a commitment to storytelling that embodies the warmth, luxury, and uniqueness inherent in the hospitality sector. Her leadership guides the team to curate content that not only informs but also evokes emotions and paints vivid pictures of Johannesburg’s vibrant lifestyle.

Her multifaceted experience and specialized training bring an unparalleled perspective to Joburgstyle, ensuring that the company continues to be a guiding force in showcasing the essence of Johannesburg’s hospitality, lifestyle, and culture through compelling media narratives.


Chad (Operations and Sales Director)

is a seasoned globetrotter whose adventures have taken him across continents, exploring diverse cultures and witnessing the world’s wonders. His extensive travels, spanning Europe to South America and Asia, have granted him insights into myriad cultures and historical treasures.

As the owner of Joburgstyle, Chad’s innate ability to network effortlessly has been a cornerstone of the company’s success. His passion for connecting with individuals from various backgrounds has contributed to the company’s expansive reach and diverse collaborations.

Chad’s love for ancient history has fuelled his fascination with the world’s natural and man-made marvels. From beholding the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls and witnessing the mystical Northern Lights to standing in awe before the Pyramids, Sphinx and exploring the intricate beauty of Angkor Wat, his global adventures reflect a deep appreciation for the world’s wonders.

With a track record of running multiple businesses, Chad’s core focus revolves around people, processes, and products. His keen understanding of leveraging individuals’ strengths and nurturing them to their fullest potential underscores his belief that people are at the heart of any successful business. His leadership philosophy centers on fostering high trust and empowering individuals, considering them the essence of organizational intricacies.

Chad’s visionary approach guides Joburgstyle, emphasizing strategies that align with his end targets while remaining open to seizing new opportunities. His role as the Sales and Operations Director at Joburgstyle amalgamates his passion for building people with his knack for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities. While steadfast in his strategies, Chad’s openness to new ideas occasionally leads him down uncharted paths, often revealing unforeseen opportunities through his interactions with others.

In essence, Chad embodies a leader who believes in the power of people and their continuous development as the nucleus of a thriving business. His commitment to nurturing talents, paired with his strategic acumen and penchant for exploration, shapes Joburgstyle into a platform that not only showcases the essence of Johannesburg but also empowers individuals to thrive within the organization and beyond.