Moyo Melrose Arch launches new signature menu

moyo Melrose Arch is synonymous for its vibrancy, face painting and most of its original take on African cuisine. Think Maputo peri peri chicken to beef dombolo potjie. This winter moyo Melrose Arch is launching a fantastic signature menu called ‘Taste of the Wild’. The menu will take you on a wild journey through Africa tasting exotic game meat prepared in unique and delicious ways.

moyo, meaning  heart in Swahili is the perfect way to describe how much love and time is put into cooking the various dishes. “We have specially created unique marinades for every type of game, ensuring tenderness and dishes packed with flavour,” explains Martin Van der Walt, executive chef at moyo Melrose Arch.

The ‘Taste of The Wild’ menu comprises of four starters and six main dishes, all created to be shared amongst a group people, allowing you to taste all ten dishes. “We designed this menu to be shared and become the centre of discussion, uniting everyone through this distinctive menu,” notes Sharlotte Naidu, co-owner of moyo Melrose Arch.


“We designed this menu to be shared and become the centre of discussion, uniting everyone through this distinctive menu”

Sharlotte Naidu, co-owner of moyo Melrose Arch

The starters are firm African favourites, including crocodile tail pie in a creamy mustard filling and mapone worms served in a traditional tomato gravy. “We wanted to begin the ‘Taste of the Wild’ menu with some of moyo’s most popular starters that we felt had to be tasted,” says Van der Walt.  In this tasting format people get to try more than one starter and enjoy moyo’s unique African dining experience.

The main dishes comprise of game meat that comes from herds that are culled in order to keep numbers down and prevent disease. “Our meat is sourced from the best butchers and only the highest quality meat is used,” explains Van der Walt.

Main courses are all made with meat that has marinated for at least 48 hours, using African spices that give the meat both warmth and depth. Kudu skewered and served with Moroccan beetroot and juniper berry infused goats cheese and seasonal fruit, give the Kudu a richness and freshness not seen in South Africa before. Tagines comprising of guinea fowl and Eland are also featured on the menu, both given an African twist with a harissa honey and pomegranate molasses respectively.

The main dishes end with double cut venison chops and the hero of the menu, Zebra loin served with roasted pearl onions and a berry port reduction. A ‘wild mess’ of meringue and fresh seasonal fruit ends this spectacular menu that showcases the best that South Africa has to offer.

Moyo Melrose Arch is excited to introduce the ‘Taste of the Wild’ signature menu from 1 July 2019.


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