Looking for a restaurant that serves sushi with style? Look no further than Epsom Thai Fusion Cuisine. Situated at Epsom Downs Centre in Bryanston, this restaurant brings a unique and modern feel to Thai Restaurants in Gauteng.

Upon arrival, expect to be swept away by a lovely ambiance that embodies class and style. The staff are friendly, attentive and go beyond normal expectations to ensure that customers are satisfied. The restaurant also offers both indoor and outdoor seating, which allows one to truly embrace nature at its best.

Offering great cocktails, and several high-quality food options, we were pleasantly surprised to hear how the restaurant has different chefs for each type of cuisine. This adds a personal touch and attention to each meal, a quality that we believe is the secret ingredient to this well placed gem.

If you are curious about who owns this beautiful establishment, Mamane Moeketsane is the powerhouse behind this wheel. Her passion for food resonates behind each and every dish served. It was rather interesting to hear how she supports local fishmongers and orders her stock regularly to ensure freshness and quality. Such precision and dedication is what will take this restaurant to great heights.

If we were to recommend any shooters, the Screaming Geisha immediately comes to mind. It carries a variety of flavour in one shooter and will have you “screaming” for more! The sushi tasted as good as it looked, from the perfectly cooked rice and the tender fish, each bite was packed with flavour and very satisfying to the palate. A must try for all new and frequent sushi lovers.

An experience at Epsom Thai Fusion Cuisine, is like embarking on a culinary journey of pure bliss. You will be bound to trying out the entire menu, as the one dish is more a delight than the previous. We dare you to your mind to an all-rounded experience to Thai cuisine.