With National Cocktail Day being celebrated on the 24th of March, and autumn soon approaching, why not try this vibrant Roku cocktail recipe that is easy to make and quite delicious? Whether you prefer a fruity drink, blended or on the rocks, the six unique botanicals found in Roku Japanese Gin adds a distinguished taste to the harmonious flavours of Roku Japanese Gin.


  • Roku Gin 25ml
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Lemon Juice 20ml
  • Sugar Syrup 15ml
  • Soda 90ml


STEP 1: Muddle fresh ginger.

STEP 2: Combine all ingredients and pour over ice.

STEP 3: Garnish with lemon twist

Roku is best served on the rocks or a classic Gin & Tonic. The Japanese Gin & Tonic is served with ice and ginger slices to complement the refreshing and citrus top notes of yuzu.

 Roku Japanese Gin is available at a recommended retail price of R380 in major retailers nationally; Makro, Pick n Pay, Checkers, and selected TOPS at Spar.  You can also order online through Takealot, Norman Goodfellows and others.

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