As of July 2019, every time you purchase a slab of Cadbury’s chocolate, you will be contributing to the brand’s global sustainability programme, Cocoa Life.

This important programme works hand-in-hand with the men and women who grow cocoa in West Africa, particularly the Ivory Coast and Ghana. These farms that grow the cocoa that is used to make most of the world’s chocolate are mainly family-owned, small farms that have suffered over the past few decades for a number of reasons. Firstly, the younger generation has been leaving home to enjoy the bright lights of big city life. Also, these farms use traditional methods of farming the cocoa, and climate change has brought with it a number of diseases. All of these factors have made cocoa farming in West Africa a challenge. Which is why, in 2012,Mondelēz International committed $400 million to Cocoa Life over 10 years to help build a thriving cocoa supply chain that has helped increase the productivity of cocoa and empowered local cocoa farmers to become more resilient.

Today, Cocoa Life assists over 142,000 cocoa farmers and 1,400 communities by making them aware of cocoa farming and how it can become a profitable business, by creating empowerment in the communities and conserving and restoring forests. Cocoa Life has shown farmers how to grow more cocoa using less land, and empowered communities to develop and grow. More and more women have become involved in cocoa farming and production, more new businesses have started up and existing ones have been rehabilitated to become productive. In addition, more employment has been created for labourers.

Yaa Peprah Amekudzi, Country Lead of Mondelēz International Cocoa Life Programme in Ghana, was in South Africa over the last few days to create awareness of Cocoa Life as Cadbury’s new slabs take to the shelves bearing its logo this month.

“Cocoa is the essence of our chocolate and vital to our business, so we need to ensure it is ‘made right’,” she says. “Making it right means tackling the complex challenges cocoa farmers face, including climate change, gender inequality, poverty and child labour. Choosing the Cocoa Lifelogo means everyone can love our chocolate as much as we do, because it’s made the right way.”

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