At Graham Beck they follow the time-honoured traditions of crafting outstanding sparkling wines – their passion and pride shine through in every meticulous step along the way...

Graham Beck consistently raises the bar in terms of quality and distinction and has firmly established themselves as one of the world’s leading sparkling wine brands, devoted to quality and consistency. Since the launch of their maiden Méthode Cap Classique in 1991 these sought after, much lauded sparkling wines have not only been the celebratory toasts of international icons such as Mandela and Obama, but also garnered some of the industry’s most prestigious global accolades.

Situated in the breathtaking Robertson Wine Valley (located a mere 140km from Cape Town in South Africa’s spectacular Western Cape Winelands), Graham Beck focuses on minimal intervention, allowing the authentic essence of the fruit and terroir to shine through.

“Bubbly is a calling, not merely a vocation”

Pierre de Klerk – Winemaker

The unique climate of the region, combined with the rich limestone soils, produce wines which have become popular across the globe for their authenticity, versatility and elegance. At their state-of-the-art Cap Classique cellar the team crafts a range of internationally acclaimed Méthode Champenoise style wines, widely regarded as benchmarks in the industry.

This ethos, instigated by the late founder and mentor Graham Beck, propelled this family orientated brand to become one of South Africa’s leading and best loved cellars as well as an internationally recognized and lauded wine entity.  Over the years Graham Beck has invested an extraordinary amount of effort and time into refining their focus and meticulously fine-tuning the selection of clones and sites, as well as optimising vineyard and cellar practices.

As a pioneer of social upliftment and farming in harmony with nature, Graham Beck is committed to caring for the community and environmental conservation. A wide range of innovative and highly successful projects bear testimony to their passion for putting their people and the planet first. By combining the proud tradition of old world winemaking with a new world responsibility for future generations this producer strives to provide wine lovers with the ultimate in drinking pleasure as well as peace of mind.

The Graham Beck Cap Classique style wines demonstrates the team’s unwavering passion and dedication in the creation of sparkling wines which define class, elegance, timelessness and superb quality. The portfolio is representative of one of three ranges which comprise of the following. The Non-Vintage (NV) Collection (Brut NV, Bliss Demi Sec NV and Brut Rosé NV), The Vintage Collection (Blanc de Blancs, Brut Zero and Brut Rosé Vintage) and The Icon Collection (Cuvée Clive). Each of these wines demonstrates its own authentic character, with exceptional individual attributes, yet every bubbly also displays the instantly recognizable hallmarks of being honed in the unique Graham Beck way.

Their prestigious bubbly portfolio demonstrates an unwavering dedication to the creation of bottle fermented sparkling wines which define class, finesse and timelessness and the passion for the job at hand shines through in every bottle, every sip and each tiny bubble.

Meet the Winemakers:

Pieter Ferreira – Cellarmaster

This remarkably gifted and passionate vintner has undoubtedly had a life-long love affair with all things bubbly.

Affectionately known as “Mr Bubbles”, Pieter Ferreira eats, drinks and breathes bubbles!

Pieter’s love affair with MCC style sparkling wines started early on in his winemaking career. The bubbly bug bit hard and wouldn’t let go as his innate admiration for the universal charm of this challenging style of wine took hold.

His extraordinary dedication to crafting wines of authenticity, consistency and supreme elegance has seen him and his team reap countless high profile awards both here and abroad. As chairman of the Cap Classique Producers Association (CCPA) Pieter continues to innovate and inspire in his tireless quest for ‘the perfect bubble’.

Pierre de Klerk – Winemaker

“Bubbly is a calling, not merely a vocation,” is the mantra of this talented and ardent vintner

Pierre de Klerk, with his infectious enthusiasm and energy have contributed a fresh and eager dimension to the mix. He joined the Graham Beck winemaking team in 2010 and his infectious enthusiasm and energy immediately contributed a fresh and eager dimension to the mix. A love of wine from an early age as well as family roots in the industry saw Pierre obtain a BSc Agriculture (Viticulture and Oenology) from Stellenbosch University, after which he gained invaluable experience at overseas and Cape cellars. Whether in the cellar or outdoors, he strive to uphold the Graham Beck philosophy of ‘nothing less’ than the best – whilst having an absolute ball doing it!

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