Regain your confidence and drive in 2024 with Holsters well-groomed shoes! 

While a comfortable chunky sandal or basic trainer might be appreciated for a comfortable commute, the importance of a power shoe for the workplace can’t be overlooked. Shoes from Holster will have you looking stylish and comfortable whether you’re dressing up for a big meeting, or for just everyday wear. There is something for every professional, and nothing encourages us more to return to the office than new clothes and footwear as we all start to work after the summer break. 

Holster, the brand that makes sustainable and ethical footwear, believes that a staple pair of shoes can make or break your professional outfit, and with the current trend towards smarter styles, they have put together some of their latest footwear that will be ready for work in the new year.  

A durable shoe that can accompany you everywhere is necessary for those early morning, midday, and after work rush from home to the office and so forth. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your sense of style. The playful Stardust sneaker will add a touch of glamour to any look. Featuring glitter toe and heel caps, padded foot beds and nonslip rubber outsoles. Even though many of our offices have become more relaxed since the lockdown and you may work in a hybrid environment, wearing stylish trainers is still essential. Invest in a pair of timeless trainers that go with everything in your closet because you still need to look put together and smart.  

During the warmer months, walking to work and spending the entire day in closed-toe heavy shoes can be uncomfortable. Most open-toe shoes and sandal styles lack the protection, comfort, and support required for commuting. For a sandal to be suitable for commuting, its sole must be sturdy enough to provide both protection from the sidewalk and cushioning. Additionally, you should wear shoes that stay on your feet; slick surfaces or situations make slides unsafe to use while running. Holster delivers unparalleled comfort and support. Take a walk on Cloudnine in the latest stylish and versatile EVA flatform.  

Support, cushioning, breathability and stability are all the most important factors to consider when getting that pair of shoes. Aiming for versatility will go a long way to answering your problem. Buying shoes that match just one item is not what you want to do. This Gisele will more of your current wardrobe.   

Choosing an outfit can be made simple by starting with your shoes and working your way up. You can choose a smart, laced dress shoe or a nice leather sneaker to demonstrate that you mean business, depending on your morning routine and attitude. Shop these styles at Holster or in all Trenton stores.