Denon has been building, breaking, pushing, and inventing audio milestones for over a century. It’s the backing behind the signature vivid and spacious sound. Driven by its Japanese heritage, Denon is committed to the highest standard of manufacturing. With the new turntable masterwork, Denon is about to deliver warm, rich sound quality in your entertainment/living room, definitely producing excellent craftsmanship as it has promised. In South Africa, the brand is stocked and distributed by Homemation.

Denon original static balance S-Shape tonearm

Features a carefully engineered S-Shape curved tonearm with optimized tracking angle at any point of the record. This newly improved Denon® arm features cartridge weight adjustment, anti-skating adjustment (0-3 g), and a newly developed arm height adjustment (0-9 mm). It gives you full flexibility to customize your turntable to your preferred cartridges or custom mat.

Direct-Drive motor system

Follows a long Denon tradition of Direct-Drive motor system, with rotation speed that does not fluctuate no matter the selected speed or load. Simple to use, low maintenance, and reaches full speed almost instantly. Denon released its first Direct-Drive turntable, the DN[1]302F, for broadcast studios in 1970.

Space vector PWM motor control

Space vector pulse with modulation (SV-PWM) is a new design for the motor spinning control. SV-PWM is simply an algorithm used to control the PWM (pulse with modulation) module, which basically powers the motor. SV-PWM greatly reduces harmonics in the motor which can cause overheating and torque fluctuations and offers a continuous reliable voltage and frequency output for long periods of listening at any rotation speed or load via continuous feedback of the rotation speed.

Adjustable insulator feet

The feet are key to protect the playback from any vibration picked up from the surface the turntable is placed on. But these feet are also adjustable to bring the platter perfectly in balance for the most accurate tracking of the needle in the groove.

SMPS power supply

Switch mode power supply (SMPS) greatly benefits turntables by avoiding the use of a linear transformer, avoiding unnecessary vibrations. It allows integration of the power supply into the turntable, getting rid of any external power transformer or power bricks dangling behind the product. It also avoids voltage and frequency fluctuations from variation in the power grid.


  • Denon original static balance S-shape tonearm
  • Full adjustability
  • Direct-Drive motor
  • Space Vector PWM motor control
  • Speed selector
  • Cartridge accessories
  • Adjustable insulator feet
  • Dust cover

Your benefits

  • Features a carefully engineered S-shape tonearm that suppresses vibration and optimises tracking
  • angle at any point of the record.
  • Several adjustment options allow the use of a wide variety of MM or MC cartridges. With 9 mm vertical height adjustment at the tonearm base, the vertical tracking angle can be easily adjusted.
  • Simple to use with rotation speed that does not fluctuate, no matter the selected speed or load, and reaches full speed almost instantly. No aging belt to be replaced in the future.
  • SV-PWM is an algorithm to control the motor’s power supply to greatly reduce harmonics and ensures continuous reliable voltage.
  • Easily play your entire vinyl collection with playback at 33 ⅓ rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm.
  • Denon® original headshell perfectly matches any existing MC Denon cartridge. Can be used with any compatible MM or MC cartridge. A cartridge is not supplied.
  • The feet protect the playback from any vibration picked up from the surface that the turntable is placed on and are also adjustable to bring the platter perfectly in balance.
  • Features a beautiful, crystal-clear removable dust cover to protect your turntable.

With a premium S- Shape tonearm, solid construction, and finishing touches of dark ebony natural wood veneer, and metal platter, tonearm, and controls will look stunning in your space.

The product is available from authorised dealers throughout South Africa. Price R65 900,00 . For Further information visit:

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