Johannesburg is really putting itself on the map for being a luxurious and stylish destination...

There is always something going on in the region to appeal to finer tastes. The rise in such spots has been ongoing for several years. The latest in a string of opulent builds is a purpose-built Marriott Hotel by The Amdec Group. The 5-star hotel complex looks set to cater to its international executive guests and provide the first-class hospitality that the region offers its visitors. So, how will the hotel fit in with the current entertainment and resort hotel landscape in Johannesburg, especially fitting into the casino-centric nightlife on offer?

Tourism to Johannesburg

The Tourism Minister, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane, concluded a series of summits to discuss the tourism sector and its growth for South Africa, summarising that the region was set to grow its appeal as a business tourism destination. Part of this would include increasing financial support and bidding for international association conferences, events, meetings, and exhibitions, which would help cement Johannesburg and South Africa’s place in the world for international tourism. She added that both leisure and business tourism could play a larger role in the future of the economy for the country and that avenues to increase both would be looked into as 2020 progresses.

Indeed, this is in line with the Marriott hotel being built in the region, especially as guests there are expected to be of the international business variety. This further adds to the popularity of the nightlife entertainment sector, especially the casino industry, to provide these business guests with somewhere to go to work and also somewhere to go to play. Given the nature of the guests expected, this would need to be somewhere luxurious and stylish to reflect what Johannesburg can offer its guests.


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Betting on Johannesburg

In Swahili, Gauteng means ‘place of gold’ so it makes sense that Johannesburg, nestled within the region, would offer so much in the way of casino experiences for guests and visitors to the area. Indeed, being the provincial capital of South Africa means that the region would expect to see many transient guests, many of which would enjoy spending time at a casino experience.

Greater Johannesburg alone has the Montecasino, Emperors Palace, Gold Reef City, Silverstar Casino, and the Carnival City & Entertainment World. These casinos differ in what exactly they offer visitors – some specialise in a range of different slot games, other focus on table games, while others offer the complete resort experience that aims to make visitors feel special and truly embrace the nightlife that Johannesburg has to offer.




Digital Casino Industry Growth

The casino industry in South Africa is booming – and it’s not just through the casinos that adorn the nightlife district and resort hotels. Online casinos have also seen a rise in recent years due partly to the fact that many more people have access to the internet. Many more use digital payments over traditional cash, which is more suitable for online play.

As the list of online casino reviews in South Africa shows, there are so many options for players to receive unique welcome bonuses, with sites also being evaluated based on the range of games on offer and the types of payment method that players can use to engage with the site. This kind of competition shows a healthy and flourishing industry that translates to the tourist-attracting industry that the Marriott build hopes to take advantage of.

The Amdec Group’s latest build in Johannesburg shows just how much of a destination the city has become in recent years. Attracting tourists from all over the world, the city is showcasing its international spirit and providing visitors with a taste of authentic South Africa. One of the main aspects we have seen grow as a result is the idea that Johannesburg is a good, classy destination for those opting to play casino games. As the growth of online casino in the region also shows, the industry as a whole is appealing and healthy competition means that it will likely continue to thrive.

The Marriott hotel complex is well placed to take advantage of some of the tourism that comes to Johannesburg for such trips, as well as using its prestige to help further contribute to the growing nightlife sector.


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