Over the festive season, Mall of the South in association with Flight Centre (the Mall of the South branch) gave shoppers an opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world...

Mall of the South and Flight Centre (the Mall of the South branch) are pleased to welcome Marthie Willemse aboard as the #ChooseYourDestination winner, whose boarding entry was randomly selected from the entries received. Marthie will soon be preparing for take-off and will be travelling to her dream destination, Paris.

An emotional Marthie was in complete and utter disbelief when she was notified that she was the #ChooseYourDestination winner, “I still cannot believe that I won. I love everything about Paris; I buy everything that has a Parisian theme and I have even gone as far as decorating my house with Paris-inspired décor items. It has been my dream to go to Paris – thank you Mall of the South and Flight Centre [the Mall of the South branch] for making my dream come true.”

For more information, simply visit mallofthesouth.co.za and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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