Guess watches proudly announces the addition of watches powered by android wear, google’s smartwatch platform, to their guess connect wearable tech timepiece category.

GUESS Watches proudly announces the launch of our new wearable technology timepiece, GUESS Connect. They have partnered with Martian Watches, a California based award-winning developer of fashionable smartwatches, to deliver a multi-function, fashion chic smartwatch line, featuring models for men and women.

The GUESS Connect Smartwatch allows you to receive texts, emails, and social media alerts, all from your wrist. Talk, listen and initiate voice commands, without your smartphone leaving your pocket…keeping you on trend and connected.

Based on their global best-selling style Rigor, these boldly styled smartwatches are powered by Martian technology. The watch technology is easily updatable to keep GUESS Connect watches fresh and relevant for years to come.

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  1. Annelise Bornman

    How do I go about buying one in South Africa

    Thanks Annelise
    Cell: 0834191353 or 0834433306


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