The Keyes Pantry Market kicks off the year with a celebration of healthy, conscious living Saturday 26 January 2019 | 9am - 2pm

A new year comes with new resolutions, and Rosebank’s favourite neighbourhood market is here to help you stick to yours.

On Saturday 26 January, the beloved Keyes Art Mile will be home to a host of artisanal food producers who will set up shop, bringing their excellent, locally and responsibly produced goods to the Keyes Art Mile.

Healthy Living

In a nod to healthy living, the market has welcomed a host of new vendors, whose delicious but guilt-free products will make sticking to a cleaner lifestyle a breeze. Umoya Foods will be selling their healthy natural food products and supplements, such as superfood smoothie mixes, Modern Traditions make a range of fresh and dried healthy treats using indigenous products, Bliss Juicery, will be bringing their fresh juices and juice cleanses to the market, while we are excited to welcome loveTEAtime and their beautiful range of Kenyan herbal teas.

As well as new vendors, there will be regulars such as The Grainery with their ancient whole grains, Urban Apiary’s popular local honey will be on sale and a host of fresh, organic, seasonal produce will be available from local suppliers. And for those not quite ready to jump on the healthy living bandwagon, the market will be packed with treats such as artisanal cheeses, breads and jams, acorn-fed charcuterie products, delicious pastries, chocolates, pies, crepes, ice cream and more.


Pantry Market Talk

With the health of the planet as on our minds’ as our own health, The Pantry Market has invited WWF to present a talk on the changes we can each make to help save our planet. Last year WWF presented their Living Planet Report, which proved that we are pushing our planet to the brink. Human activity – how we feed, fuel, and finance our lives – is taking an unprecedented toll on wildlife, wild places, and the natural resources we need to survive. But it’s not all doom and gloom. WWF believes that each of us can make a difference, and will be at The Pantry Market to tell us how.

Visitors can join Michelle Govender and the Pantry team at 10.30am in the Mesh Club Cinema for a presentation, talk and Q&A session.


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