Ignite your taste buds with the ultimate gastronomic experience in the Piccolo Mondo restaurant at Sandton’s lavish Michelangelo Hotel...

Dine on culinary delights created specifically for the evening and expertly paired with some of the finest wines in South Africa. Food lovers gather once a month to feast on the extraordinary dishes created by Chef Trevor Boyd and his team. Diners not only get to relish in the flavourful and mindfully prepared food over six delicious courses, but they get to be served by Chef Trevor and his team members exclusively.

“Our gourmet dinners are popular with guests and diners who are looking for an exclusive dining experience with something unique. Each course is prepared with the South African wine selected for the month in mind, so that the flavours of the food and the wine complement each other,” reveals Heinrich Oberholzer, food and beverage manager at the Michelangelo Hotel.


Chef Trevor takes inspiration for the menu from the featured wines for the month, carefully and mindfully pairing each wine with each dish so that the inherent flavours in both are enhanced. Each wine is first tasted before the dish is decided upon, then the preparation begins, with each flavour element foremost in mind.

“Fun, sophistication, exclusivity and excellent food come together for our gourmet dinners. Chef Trevor joins the group to regale them with his stories and to explain why each wine has been paired with the course they have been served. It really is a gourmet experience unlike any other,” Oberholzer explains.

The gourmet dinners are held monthly and cost R 625 per person, which includes the wine that has been paired with the food, a six course meal as well as mineral waters, tea and coffee. With the gourmet dinner being so popular, booking in advance is essential in order to enjoy this culinary extravaganza.

To book, call:+ 27 (0) 11 282 7000


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