The upcoming 2018/2019 collection designed by Retrosuperfuture draws inspiration from timeless eyewear models and seasonal chromatic references to create a radical selection of contemporary sunglasses...

In addition to a roster of newly-created silhouettes, Super has redeveloped new colorways from its most iconic shapes- Flat Top, Ciccio and Classic- as well as street style favorites Drew and Drew Mama. Inspired by the idea of lightness, transparency and fading tones, this collection was constructed to hit the mark between classic, effortless and raw aesthetic sensibility. Each silhouette featured in the collection is characterized by a minimal yet meticulously crafted design that underlines the brands impeccable technical approach to eyewear construction. The use of colors and finishes, on the other hand reveals an uncompromising contemporary attitude to style. Eschewing traditional tones, this collection embraces experimental lens finishes, bold colours and fading patterns by mixing elements that are experimental and versatile with those that are delicate and rational, Retrosuperfuture has created a collection of sunglasses that serves as a powerful meditation on contemporary design.

The new collection breaks the mold of classic eyewear design

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