It’s that time of the year again… honouring the father of cocktails,

the Old Fashioned. This global event is an annual celebration which is currently in its fourth year and still going strong, with an entire week dedicated to its beauty.

The Old Fashioned cocktail may come from 100 years ago, but it’s well and truly still in fashion. Boasting serious street cred, it has been named the world’s most popular cocktail for the last four years in a row.

Mootee Bar, that has been named in this year’s top 10 best new cocktail bars in the world by the Spirited Awards, will also honour Old Fashioned Week. Celebrating its history and many variations, Mootee Bar created a special menu for this week-long event. An Old Fashioned is quite versatile and can be made with just about any spirit – whiskey, brandy, rum and even gin. A firm favourite on Mootee Bar’s menu is the Baskteen Fashioned, clay-aged underground in Melville for 30 days. This Old Fashioned includes ingredients such as Woodford Reserve, Monkey Shoulder Blend, Brick Distillate, Sour Fig and Clay Syrup and Earth Bitter. They’ve created five Old Fashioned cocktails for you to choose from.

It’s an entire week dedicated to a classic cocktail, kicking off on Thursday, 1 November and runs through to Saturday, 10 November. Head over to Mootee Bar and celebrate Old Fashioned Week with friends.

Bookings highly recommended as space is limited.

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