Joburg Style was invited to review the Logitech Z407 : 2.1 wired and Bluetooth Speaker System, and this is what we thought...

The Logitech Z407 is a 2.1 wired and Bluetooth audio system for computers and mobile devices. To be honest, I haven’t used a computer speaker system in a long time…laptops come with a sound system built-in and with my desktop I have a headset as I mainly use it for gaming. I was surprised and impressed with the Z407 from Logitech, when used to play music in the background while I worked or when I had friends over and cranked up the volume to see how powerful the sound and bass were, it delivered.

Unboxing the device was straightforward, we appreciated the quick start instructions printed on the packaging which let you know what’s in the box and how to get everything set up…although it was simple enough.

As a 2.1 speaker system, the Z407 consisted of two satellite speakers, a subwoofer, a wireless controller and a 3.5 mm cable. You can create a fair amount of distance from the two satellite speakers to offer a truly immersive sound experience and one of the bonuses is you can stand them up or place them on their sides with removable stands. I really appreciated this design as it made the Z407 extremely easy to maneuver around from my desktop set up to the lounge or outside area when I was entertaining.

The wireless control dial is one of the main features of the Z407. The puck-like shape controller offered fantastic feedback when turning the sound up and down, changing or pausing tracks by pushing it in (number of times depends on what you want to do such as play/pause, skip or go back). It uses two AAA batteries that come included in the box which will last you a fair amount of time before having to change them.

Once connected, the quality of the sound is instantly noticeable, in fact, for a computer speaker system this small, it blasts out extremely impressive audio quality and volume. The subwoofer provides that much-needed oomph compared to a two-speaker system and really does fill the house with sound. The Bluetooth connectivity is just as good as a wired connection these days and you can stick to convenience with wireless sound without compromise. I didn’t hear any distortion, even at max sound, which believe me, was pretty loud…in fact, using the system for entertainment, I think a few of my friends have gone ahead and purchased the Z407’s due to the sound it delivered and the value for money.

I used the Z407 mainly for music and video playback but occasionally played a few single-player games like Resident Evil: Village and Red Dead Redemption 2 and it really enhanced my gaming experience…I wouldn’t recommend fast-paced multiplayer games like Warzone or Overwatch with these just due to the nature of the game, headsets will still be king here.

Overall, I’m happy to report that Logitech has delivered a superb speaker system at a remarkable price of R1,800 (available from Takealot or Firstshop, see links below). I honestly don’t think you will find better-sounding computer speakers in this price range…or even slightly higher if I’m completely honest. Logitech has always delivered quality components for PC users, whether for everyday casual use, work, or entertainment. The mobility of the system, ease of use, and by far the performance of the sound makes it a winner in our books and I can easily and highly recommend this product to anyone that looks for a quality sound experience at an extremely affordable rate.

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