Turn the tide with a never to be forgotten encounter with the enchanting creatures of the deep on uShaka’s Sea Animal Encounter Island...

This magical marine mystery world offers a whole set of experiences – unique opportunities to get up close and personal with the beautiful ocean and its inhabitants. This will be like nothing you have ever done before – it’s closer, one-on-one and, quite literally, hands-on. 

Feed the fish at the Fish Feed at the Open Ocean exhibit. The Pompano and the Kingfish are the most likely to join the feast, although Tuna, Yellow tail, Barracuda, Shad and Rays could swing by for a snack. Visitors who are 12 years and over can walk in water that is only waist deep and find themselves surrounded by Spotted Eagle rays – then feed them by hand.

Animal Encounter Island is also the perfect spot to meet one of uShaka’s loveable Seals. This is far more than a touch and greet. You’ll receive a special uShaka kiss as part of a truly unique, fun-filled experience.


If a Shark encounter is on your bucket list, get the adrenaline pumping and immerse yourself in the world of the ultimate apex predator. The uShaka Xpanda Shark Dive gives you a close up view of these critically endangered creatures.  Some circle the cage whilst others glide slowly past – but one thing’s certain, you’ll never look at these beautiful creatures in the same way again!

If you’d prefer something a little more tranquil, try the Ocean Walker, which allows you to walk on the ocean floor like the divers of old in their lead boots. As you step out on the floor of the Open Ocean exhibit, you can gaze at huge Fish, Rays and Sand sharks as they mill slowly around, completely unperturbed by your presence. Then there is also the opportunity to experience an exotic island snorkeling experience, where you can explore nooks and crannies much like those found along the coastline – or simply float and take in the spectacle of shining corals, gleaming fish and perfect peace. (for visitors five years and over.)

For more information, or to make a booking, contact (031) 328 8097

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