Convenient new offering delivers high-quality meals to the kitchens of time-poor South Africans...

Karen Short, founder of catering brand By Word of Mouth has launched a new range of delicious homestyle meals – Frozen for You. This exciting new extension will appeal to busy South Africans who want to enjoy a wholesome home-cooked meal in the comfort of their home, minus the hassle of preparation.

Frozen for You is firmly focused on giving consumers maximum convenience via their user friendly mobi site and online delivery service. “With a few simple clicks we can deliver a variety of delicious homestyle meals direct from our kitchen to yours, filling up your freezer for weeks in advance, for just about any occasion,” says Adrian Short, By Word of Mouth CEO.

A key differentiator allowing Frozen For You to stand out in its category is the use of ‘nature’s pause button’, ensuring each meal handcrafted by Karen and her talented team is as fresh and delicious as the day it was made. “Our meals are ‘frozen fresh’ – immediately after they have been assembled. Unlike refrigerated ready-to-heat meals, our dishes don’t require added preservatives enabling them to stand in a fridge for days at a time. Nature’s pause button ensures that the nutrient value and quality of our meals remain at their peak from the day of freezing,” says Karen. Each product can simply be heated from frozen in its tray or container. Alternatively, for a more special occasion one can defrost a meal and heat and serve from a favorite oven-proof dish.

Frozen for You takes stress out of meal preparation, and gives back invaluable time to our clients”

Adrian Short

Frozen For You meals can easily be taken on holidays, whipped up to entertain unexpected guests, as a treat for yourself and the family at home, or for those delicate occasions when giving food is more practical than flowers.

“Almost every sector of the country is evolving and consumer behaviour towards food is no exception. The culinary space needs to adapt to suit the demands of increasing numbers of time-poor people who want quality home-cooked meals conveniently available to them, and Frozen For You meets this demand more conveniently than ever,” concludes Adrian Short.

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