Ultra-Lifting Skincare Containing Active Ingredients Used in Injectables...

French aesthetic medicine laboratory Filorga has launched a new ultra-lifting range aimed at firming, tightening and redensifying the skin. New Lift-Structureis inspired by the latest aesthetic innovations and tightens the facial features, plumps the skin and sculpts volume, with visible results in as little as seven days.

As we age, decreased cell renewal, loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid and the gradual deterioration of the skin support mattress all lead to sagging skin. Research indicates that 32% of women over 30 are concerned about lack of firmness in their skin and this increases to 81% of those women in their 50’s. To combat this loss of firmness and overall sagging, Filorga has developed Plasmatic Lifting Factors® (PLF) a unique complex combining three types of active ingredients used in injections, namely Cellular Factors, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. These Plasmatic Lifting Factors® form the core formula contained in all three products within the new Lift-Structure Ultra-Lifting Range:

Lift-Designer Serum + Lift-Structure Day Cream + Sleep and Lift Night Cream

UNIQUE CORE FORMULA – Plasmatic Lifting Factors®

  • Plasma Rich in Cellular Factors

A plant extract from Curcuma longarhizome, which is concentrated in cell growth factors, stimulates cell renewal and helps restore collagen and elastin synthesis.

  • Collagen

A marine origin collagen of identical structure to the collagen that is found naturally in the skin, boosts the natural collagen reserves helping to compensate for the loss of collagen experienced as part of the ageing process.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

Very low weight hyaluronic acid cross-linked with Konjac, swells to lift sunken areas in the skin to recreate lost volume and redefine facial contours.

In addition to the core formula of Plasmatic Lifting Factors®, each product within the Lift-Structure range contains an added firming, lifting or tightening action.

LIFT-DESIGNER ULTRA-LIFTING SERUM contains the additional benefit of a double tightening action.

  • A duo of plant active agents provides an ultra-tightening effect: Arabinoxylanestimulates the contracting abilities of the cells and restores the skin’s natural lifting properties. Microalgaesmoothes the microrelief and tightens the skin.
  • A roll-on applicatorprovides mechanical stimulation and boosts the effectiveness of the active ingredients, for an intensive smoothing and tightening effect.

This formula has an immediate and long-term tightening effect. Its fluid texture is quickly absorbed and instantly leaves the skin feeling tighter and the complexion refreshed.

LIFT-STRUCTURE RESTRUCTURING DAY CREAMcontains the added benefit of an intensive firming action.

  • A duo of ultra-firming botanical active ingredients assists with elastic tissue synthesis: Edelweiss extractstimulates the production of Metalloproteinase Tissue Inhibitors whist algae extractboosts growth factors, to protect the skin cells and stimulate their ability to synthesise the skin fibres. The result is firmer, more toned skin.

This rich formula has a comfortable cream texture that glides easily onto the skin providing nutrition, radiance and a smoothing effect.

 SLEEP & LIFT ULTRA-LIFTING NIGHT CREAM has the added benefit of a redensifying action.

  • A combination of L-Pyrrolidone Carboyxylic acidand Arginineregenerate the skin proteins through a double-action on skin glycation: they repair the proteins that have already been glycated and they limit further glycation by protecting skin proteins. As a result, the skin’s biomechanical properties are maintained and restored and the skin regains elasticity and density. The complexion is also less yellow, more even and brighter.

Sleep & Lift has a balm texture that envelops the skin and provides nutrition, comfort and shaping.

The Lift-Structure range is suited to women from 40 years of age and is ideal for skin prone to sagging. For best results the products are most effective when used as part of a complementary routine.

The Lift-Structure range is available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores.

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