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ChaufHer, a new ride-hail app for women and children only, announced they will be launching in Cape Town before the end of 2019 with plans to expand to Johannesburg and Durban in 2020. Their App, which will soon be available on both the App Store and Play Store, connects women drivers with women passengers (and children younger than 18 years). Not only does the App provide a safe way to earn money, it also provides the freedom of movement to women concerned about the growing danger and violence that has infiltrated the taxi industry. 

The idea behind ChaufHer’s creation comes from a direct need identified in South Africa. Women and children represent the most vulnerable members of society,”says founder, Danielle Wright, “but they also represent our greatest untapped resource. ChaufHer is a way for us to provide opportunities and freedom of movement to these groups, to help them live their best lives.”

From a consumer perspective ChaufHer’s benefits are simple. Women are able to utilise ride-hail services to get where they need to go, whether it is for business, social events or running errands. Mothers are also able to balance busy lives by having their children transported to and from school and sports events without worrying about their safety.

“Women and children represent the most vulnerable members of society”

Danielle Wright

However, it is when you look at the possibilities for drivers that one begins to understand the full potential the service holds in terms of empowerment. Female drivers are grossly under-represented in the ride-hail industry and one of the primary barriers to entry are concerns around safety and security. The app empowers these women to earn money in a safe environment. They are also able to work when it is convenient for them so they can earn money while still running a household or caring for their family.

The ChaufHer service is built around safety with many added features to help create peace of mind. These include a panic button, One Time Pin (OTP) and driver training. However, the biggest safety measure is the comprehensive vetting of both drivers and passengers to make sure the service is safer for both.

Chaufher is a ride-hail service for women by women. This app based service is designed to offer a safer way for women and children to get from A – B, while at the same time empowering women drivers to earn money safely and on their own terms.

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