Celeste & Zula chat to us about being part of the Cointreau family, what they love about Joburg, and what's next for them...

How does it feel to be part of the Cointreau family and celebrating the brand’s birthday in Paris?

Celeste: I was thrilled to become a friend of Cointreau and over the moon to know that I’d be heading to Paris and Angers, where the brand was born, to celebrate their huge milestone of 170 years!

Zulu: It was a great experience, especially because I celebrated my birthday on the trip. I truly enjoyed my experience and it was great to meet the Cointreau family, including the founders, in their home country. As well as having the opportunity to go to the distillery.  Just to note, Celeste and myself were the only two black people there, but it felt like we were with family and friends. It was nice to represent Africa.

What is your favorite way to enjoy Cointreau?

Celeste: I like to enjoy it with tonic and an orange wheel. It is super simple and really delicious.

Zulu:  I like it simple and clean, a double shot of Cointreau with ginger ale is the perfect Cointreau long drink.

How could people incorporate Cointreau in their weekend celebrations?

Celeste: Cointreau is in 350 cocktail recipes so people who’ve enjoyed some of the most popular cocktails have long been enjoying the spirit whether they were aware of it or not. Because it has an orange flavour, it can be taken as a shot, on the rocks, with black coffee or mixed #TheArtOfTheMix.

Zulu: Cointreau is such a versatile drink. It can be enjoyed as the start of your night, on your way to the party, or even when you’re just chilling at the dinner table.

Where are your favorite places to eat, drink and play in the city of Joburg?

Celeste: I absolutely love sushi and the best traditional sushi is from Yamada. I also enjoy Daruma and I’m so happy that Oskido opened one in Waterfall Corner. I love to do drinks at Rockets as well as Gemelli, who also serve great food. When it comes to a night out on the town, I recently went to the new club Montana in Rosebank. It rocked.

Zulu: My favorite hangout spot is Rockets or at Rocket Man grooming myself.

What is next for you?

Celeste: My character, Bulelwa Jafta’s storyline on Generations is developing and I’m excited for the new challenges that she’ll face. I’m also getting back into business because I’m quite entrepreneurial. We’ll also see what the Universe has planned for me because it has already surprised me with many amazing career opportunities.

Zulu: You guys are going to have to stayed tuned. You will see, I have something for everyone up my sleeve.


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