Finally there are some powerful soothing products for sensitive skin.

Dermalogica’s brand new UltraCalming™ Duo products prevent every type of skin from redness, discomfort and occasional flare-ups. So whether your skin is dry or oily, or whether you’re stressed or allergic, these products will treat the irritation and dehydration caused by sensitive skin.

Each of the two products that make up the Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Duo combines the best natural botanical extracts combined with innovation from The International Dermal Institute to powerfully soothe skin sensitivity.

Dermalogica Barrier Defense Booster is a concentrated oil booster that soothes and nourishes to restore balance to sensitive skin. The Calm Water Gel is a weightless water-gel moisturiser that hydrates dry, sensitive skin. Its unique formula transforms into a ski-quenching fluid on application that forms a weightless barrier to help protect your skin against environmental assault. It contains dual Hyaluronic Acid technology that works in different layers of the skin surface to increase and lock moisture into the skin.

No matter whether your skin is mildly sensitive or super sensitive, these two innovative products are the ultimate skin care solution. They can be layered for the best results, or used separately to address a specific concern. By using the products you not only address your skin’s sensitivity issues; you also protect your ski against future flare-ups, so your skin looks and feels good all the time.

Dermalogica also offers a personalised tool to help you assess your skin sensitivity online. Called the Skin Sensitivity tool, you will find it on Enter your location and find out what might cause your skin sensitivity. You’ll also receive expert tips and product recommendations.

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