Worn Apparel is a brand new South African clothing company; designed and manufactured in South Africa and destined to take the fashion industry by storm. Established in 2019, this “new kid on the block” is changing up the industry game as we know it!

Worn is not the type of brand that changes its style according to what is “trending” or what is “in fashion right now”, but rather, Worn is a brand that is going to be loyal to it s customers in a more authentic way. What they are now is what they will still be in the years to come.
Chené and Terrence Calitz are the masterminds behind the brand “Worn”. They believe in keeping their designs simple and classic, and always will. Their aim is to be, your every day, your every mood, and your every situation clothing brand. The inspirations for their designs don’t come from far away, they come from the people they spend time with, the lifestyle they live and places they go to.
“We strive to put forward a brand that compliments a lifestyle with as little pretentiousness as possible – for those who live!” says Marketing Manager, Chené Calitz.
The perfect Worn customer is any South African, or any nationality for that matter, who LIVES! Someone who takes each day in their stride, whether you’re in the gym, at a braai, spending the night out on the town or at a bar or out on the beach with friends. Worn caters for every occasion.
“We strive to put forward a brand that compliments a lifestyle with as little pretentiousness as possible – for those who live!”

Chené Calitz
Marketing Manager

Not only are all of their business operations sourced locally to ensure job creation and community contribution, the Worn brand gives back in an even bigger way, through their environmental eco-friendly packaging.
“We care about our environment and we care about the footprint we leave on the earth. We want to do as much as we can do to be conscious of that. Our materials are of the highest quality, the majority of our fabrics are locally sourced, keeping our carbon footprint small. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and can be used as a water wicking planter for seedlings and plants. We are looking into different avenues of adding seeds into our packing, urging our customers to give back by growing a plant.” says Owner and Designer, Terrence Calitz.
Until very recently the Worn brand had only provided clothing for men, but as of late November 2019, they will have proudly introduced a full range of ladies items – including flip flops, shorts, dresses, vests and t-shirts.
Fashion trends may come and go but Worn Apparel believes that they are the brand that will always have your back, and are going to be the “staple’ in every wardrobe – to be your “go to” clothing items.
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