From its humble beginnings as a sought-after restaurant in Rivonia, Rockets has skyrocketed into an unstoppable lifestyle brand showing no signs of slowing down...

Through perseverance and blazing passion, mastermind behind it all, Sean Barber, uses his unique entrepreneur ability to truly understand the experiences his customers crave, what inspires them, excites them and ultimately adds value to their often busy and stressful lives.

It’s a Lifestyle…

If you want style paired with comfort and convenience, all Rockets branches are THE trendy places to be. The Rockets brand has an exceptional shop in Parkhurst, offering excellent food, service and ambience − to the equally addictive, four-storey high Rockets Bryanston, each floor catering to your every mood. Whether you require a special space for your private function, one-of-a-kind coffee, top-notch fusion-inspired meal, cocktail with tapas from world-class award-winning bar Lolita’s, or roof-top music vibes for your soul, Rockets has you covered. Then not to forget most recently Rockets Man, a much needed selfcare sanctuary for men.

What’s next? Exciting plans are in place to expand the Rockets life experience even further, with a sound recording studio located within Rockets Bryanston and line of cosmetics coming soon –  watch this space.

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