As Father’s Day 2019 approaches, do you find yourself asking: Will daddy remember that I bought him socks last year? Yes, he will remember. It’s time for something fresh. From teaching you to tie your shoelaces, to shouting encouragement from the sports field sideline, we’re here to help you find the right gift for that father-figure in your life. has designed a handy quiz. Inspired by the action-packed Avengers Endgame and other beloved Marvel and DC characters, it’ll help you identify your superdad’s alter ego through a series of quirky questions.

Dads are heroes. They play such a pivotal role and are so deserving of appreciation. Every year, Takealot sees a Father’s Day sales spike. As might be expected, some of the most popular ‘dad gifts’ are drinks, fragrances and tech with the latest gadgets always proving popular.

Father’s Day is a lovely way to pay tribute to any man who has been the father-figure in your life. Ready to find the right gift? Dad-doters assemble! And answer these easy questions. Record whether you say A, B, C, D, E, F or G.

  1. Which bests describes dad’s braai philosophy?
    A)    WiFire is the way. Link that braai to the WiFi and cook the corn from the couch.
    B)     Totes protes (gym talk for protein) team! Chop that wood then get the meat on to sizzle.
    C)     Safety first! Everyone stand back from the flames. Let’s do things by the (braai) book.
    D)    Why did the skeleton go to the braai? To get another rib!
    E)     Moisturising your hands will protect the skin from getting braai-dry.
    F)    Let’s build the braai before we build the fire.
    G)    MORE FIRE! The bigger the flame, the better the braai.
  2. The oven breaks. What does dad do?
    A)    Considers spending a fortune on an oven built by former Apple engineers that uses algorithms to identify what kind of food is inside it and cook it accordingly!
    B)    Switches on the smoothie machine.
    C)    Immediately checks there’s no risk of an electrical fire.
    D)    One day there were two muffins in an oven. One of the muffins said, “man it’s hot in here.” The other one said “Oh my gosh! A talking muffin!”
    E)    Gets out the tools.
    F)    Calls the electrician.
    G)    Lights the braai.
  3. You’re feeling a bit down. What does dad say?
    A)    Let’s use this app to record your behavioural patterns and mood for a week so we can spot the trends.
    B)    Let’s go ‘klap’ some gym together to release those endorphins.
    C)    Let’s have a chat over some tea. It’s hot, don’t burn your tongue!
    D)    What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta!
    E)    Let’s build something together.
    F)    Let’s go for a massage.
    G)    Let’s bond over the braai.
  4. First thing dad does in the morning?
    A)    Asks Alexa to switch on the coffee machine.
    B)    Smoothie then gym.
    C)    Reads the online news and plans the day.
    D)    Becomes a cereal killer.
    E)    Builds his own breakfast.
    F)    Shaves and brushes his hair.
    G)    Braais breakfast boerie.
  5. Graphic on dad’s tee?
    A)   The Raspberry Pi logo
    B)    CrossFit logo or something similar
    C)    Checked shirt
    D)   ‘How do you get a squirrel to like you?’
    E)    The oversized Polo logo
    F)    Paint splashes
    G)    ‘Starwors’ logo

Mostly As: Professor X – the Techie superdad

Super-smart, a little bit nerdy, may or may not be prone to man-splaining, and likes the latest in gizmos and gadgets. Kind of like Professor X, that loveable, magical mutant with a penchant for telepathy and cool mind-connecting brain-hats.

Dad might like… The latest Samsung Galaxy S10? A nifty quadcopter? Anything techie and awesome really.


Mostly Bs: The Thing – the super ripped Body Builder Dad

It might be a bit of a grim backstory for The Thing, but there’s no denying he’s built like a rock and can bench 100 tons at a time. Beneath that beefed-up exterior, he’s a good oke – just like your gym-klapping dad, with his heart-of-gold.

Dad might like… USN! Gotta have those protes, people.


Mostly Cs: Captain America – the ‘Three Hours Early for a Flight & Always on Time to Pick You Up’ superdad

The ultimate ‘do the right thing’ dad! A real gentleman with impeccable morals, oodles of old-school charm and a buff bod to boot, Captain America is a born leader. Just like Captain America, your dad’s always there to shield you from harm… and make sure you never miss a flight.

Dad might like… A watch, considering his penchant for punctuality!


Mostly Ds: Mr Fantastic – ‘Dad Joke’ superdad continuously tries to cracks you up

What’s brown and sticky… a stick. If your daddy-o has a million of these up his proverbial sleeve, is a pun of fun and tends to light up a room, he’s just like Mr Fantastic – founding member and father-figure of the Fantastic Four.

Dad might like… A joke book is the obvious choice if you want to add fuel to the fire. Otherwise, an ‘I like big mugs and I cannot lie’ mug could also be a hit.


Mostly Es: Iron Man – you’ve got a super-duper DIY Dad

He’s Mr Fix-it, with a drill and a hammer permanently glued to each hand. There’s no job too big or small and no electrician or plumber on speed-call. The very hint that you think an outside specialist might be necessary is the greatest insult to DIY dad’s pride. He’s Iron Man, of course – he’s probably already got a Jarvis-controlled super-suit tucked away somewhere in that shed.

Dad might like… Any kind of DIY power-tool will do. Just make sure he doesn’t already have it.


Mostly Fs: Superman – the ‘Likes to Take Care of Himself’ superdad

If his personal care products take up more room than most, and he has one, perfect Don-Draper-esque curl cascading gently down his forehead, you’ve got yourself a metro dad; the original advocate for the self-care movement. He’s the Superman of dads – sensitive, caring, and immaculately groomed with hair that might look a little too good to be real.

Dad might like… A professional hair-clipper could be a hit. So could a home mani and pedi kit.


Mostly Gs: Human Torch – the ‘Nou Gaan Ons Braai’ superdad

A bit of a pyromaniac, with the coveted ability to start a fire with two sticks, the ‘Human Torch’ dad taught Bear Grylls everything he knows. He can detect that boerie is done with a sixth sense and dislikes fancy braai gadgets – he doesn’t care for pretence. It’s just him and the fire. Flame on dad, flame on.

Dad might like: A new Weber could be a hot gift. A deluxe BBQ wood set is also a good bet.


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