A unique collaboration by two remarkable organisations will help facilitate a rape survivor’s first steps to recovery

Uzwelo Bags, an Expand a Sign initiative, and The Jes Foord Foundation, an NPO, have formed a partnership to support rape survivors.

Every Jes Foord-Uzwelo bag purchased and given on your behalf, after the victim’s initial reporting process, contains a selection of toiletries and care items to help start the victim from journey to survivor.

Sadly, up to 60% of bags packed are for children under the age of 12. The Jes Foord-Uzwelo bags and contents are carefully selected and designed to be relevant to different ages.

Buying a Jes Foord-Uzwelo bag enables you to be part of the solution – and help to empower a rape survivor. These functional, stylish and affordable Uzwelo bags are manufactured from 100% recycled PET non-woven felt. Each unique bag is hand made by local heroes who are now earning a living that puts food on the table for their families, funds education and provides dignity and upliftment for their communities long-term.

Visit www.uzwelo.co.za to sponsor a bag for R100.  For more information, visit www.jff.org.za  and www.uzwelo.co.za/jes-foord-foundation

More about The Jes Foord Foundation

The Jes Foord Foundation was established in 2008 after rape survivor Jes Foord decided to break the silence and share her story with others who have undergone a similar experience.  Not only does the Foundation offers free counselling for survivors of rape, molestation and sexual assault, as well as for family members affected by the trauma, it also, among other things, runs a Young Men’s Mentorship programme.

What is PET (credit:  http://petco.co.za/what-is-pet/)

PET is the acronym for a very versatile and sophisticated plastic called Polyethylene Terephthalate. For sound economic and safety reasons, it’s the plastic used to make the most common container in the soft drink market today: the plastic bottle.

It is used in the packaging for carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, milk, juice, sports and energy drinks, jars, punnets, tubs and trays for food items, bottles for household, personal care and pharmaceutical products, and sheet and film for packaging.

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