Chef Jack Coetzee from Urbanologi restaurant shares two delicious recipes with us from his acclaimed menu

If you haven’t had a chance to visit one of Jozi’s best restaurants, Urbanologi, then make a plan to visit the modern CBD destination without delay, we promise you won’t be disappointed. The kitchen is run by Jack Coetzee who wows with his amazing tapas inspired menu – all with a sustainable focus. 

Jack was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to Cape Town for culinary school. He managed to rack up time in some impressive kitchens and under the tutelage of some notable names. Thereafter he got the offer to head up Urbanologi. Flavour and creativity are the hallmarks of his cooking style, along with the vision expressed in Project 150. Project 150 is Urbanologi’s new culinary mantra that sees all ingredients, except spices, sourced within 150km of the city restaurant.

Impress your guests with two  of Jack’s recipes from the Urbanologi menu – Deep Fried Potatoes and Ginger Malva Pudding…Enjoy!!

“I’d like to see Johannesburg become the food hub of Africa and to develop a style of cuisine that inspires creativity”

Jack Coetzee

Deep Fried Potatoes

Yields: 10 Portions



2kg large potatoes 20g salt

Nori Emulsion

4 sheets nori
2 cloves garlic
2 egg yolks
80ml soy sauce
15ml dijon mustard
30ml white wine vinegar 500ml Vegetable oil



  1. Cut potatoes into wedges, blanch on water with salt until soft. set aside to cool.

  2. Deep fry until golden brown.

Seaweed vinegar

  1. Bring the vinegar, sugar, coriander up to a simmer.

  2. Add the ginger and kombu, set aside to cool.

  3. Strain to store.

Nori Emulsion

  1. Toast nori over open flame.

  2. Add mushroom soya and champagne vinegar into blender with nori. Blend slowly to hydrate nori. Add egg yolks and garlic and blend to smooth mixture. Add mustard. emulsify with oil

To Serve:

1. Serve the potatoes, 8 large wedges in a small white bowl with nori emulsion on the side.


Ginger Malva Pudding

Yield: 16 portions



50g butter
1 egg
150g sugar
7g bicarbonate of soda 2g cinnamon

30g grated ginger 250ml milk
120g flour


250ml cream 125g butter 20g ginger 100g honey

Sesame Tuile

170g Milk
500g Sugar
420g Butter
70g Flour
500g Sesame seeds white

Popcorn Crumb

100g popcorn



1. Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, add egg.
2. Sieve the dry ingredients together, add gradually to egg and sugar mixture.
3. Beat the milk into mixture.
4. Place mixture into a lined baking tray.
5. Bake at 160C for 40 minutes
1. Add all ingredients together into a pot and bring to the boil.
2. Once the cake is out of the oven, perforate with fork and pour syrup into cake and allow to soak before use.

Sesame Tuile

1. Heat all ingredients together, add flour. Bake at 180 ̊C for 9 minutes.


1. Shallow fry popcorn in a wide based pan with salt. Keep the lid on, pop all the popcorn. 2. Let it cool, place in a blender and pulse until a soil is formed.

To serve:

1. Heat up Malva in the oven.
2. Place popcorn soil down, the Malta on top.
3. A scoop of your favourite ice-cream and a sesame snap on top to garnish.


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