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Profile: Anton Bosman, Fujifilm X-Photographer

Profile: Anton Bosman, Fujifilm X-Photographer

Anton Bosman picked up his first ‘serious’ camera while working in a darkroom, tasked with taking real-estate photos for his employer at the time. It was, however, only much later that he became attracted to the art of photography when he began to understand the power of creating visuals through the use of light.

Born and bred in Johannesburg, Bosman explores the city with his camera, managing to capture cityscape images that often reflects the mood of Jozi. “I love iconic buildings and especially architecture from the Gothic, Brutalist and Art Deco era, and the City of Johannesburg is a treasure trove of all these styles,” Bosman states. “I am also strongly drawn to the newer modern architecture and love the way they change and form a new landscape with some breath-taking designs.”

 “The aim is to create an image that excites, engages and draws in the viewer”

Anton Bosman

As one of Fujifilm South Africa’s X-Photographers ambassadors, Bosman believes that good cityscape photography is no different to good landscape photography. “The aim is to create an image that excites, engages and draws in the viewer, an image that stirs up an emotional awakening. There is nothing more comforting to me when a person tells me that one of my images brought back childhood memories or excited them to the point where they want to visit the city,” Bosman says.

To him, any day is a good day for photography, but especially so when it has rained and the sky is thick with clouds. “This is when I can capture images at the most constant exposure which helps me create the mood in the final edit.”

The inspiration for Bosman’s photography is rooted in the old masters of art, especially the works of Vincent Van Gogh and his landscapes, as well as Edward Hopper. “Hopper’s famous image, Nighthawks is pure visual eye candy and a masterful play on light and composition. It has become a great inspiration to me and how I approach my cityscapes,” Bosman notes.

When it comes to his Fujifilm gear, Bosman firmly believes the brand encapsulates the complete photographic experience. “We photograph because we love it, but people often forget that their camera, as much as it is a tool, should also be exciting and pleasurable to use,” Bosman says. “It feels like a cliché to say, but the Fujifilm cameras do bring back the feeling of using a film camera. There are no complicated ergonomics, the image quality is exceptional and the lenses are incredibly sharp. In short, the Fuji system is the complete system for my purpose,” Bosman enthuses.

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