This is not just another Rum Eatery. This is Roxanne.

Rum and Rum Eateries are following hot on the heels of the uber-popular gin and gin bar trend. Pineslopes Shopping Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg is now home to the newest Rum Eatery. Packed with a real rum punch, Roxanne’s is inviting and unique in so many ways.

The interiors at Roxanne’s provides the perfect backdrop or focus points for the social age. Every corner of this restaurant is entirely Instagram worthy and sure to up your ‘likes’. Bare brick walls and hardwood floors are mixed with leather benches and odd lamp shades to give Roxanne’s an intriguing and eclectic feel. Neon signs cast a sensual glow and bespoke tattoo inspired art murals provide strength and confidence to this unique venue.

Then there’s the on-site tattoo parlor. Yes, you read correctly. Fallen Heroes, one of Joburg’s best known parlors have setup a fully equipped section within the restaurant. All to health and safety standards, bookings are by appointment only and made through Fallen Heroes.

Her ambience is unique, her offering tantalizing and her aura sensual, but with an edge of knock-out confidence.

Roxanne’s #brunchfastmenu, a mixture of breakfast favourites with hints of the Caribbean. Try out the Jack-Ma-Bacon, freshly made flapjacks with bacon, crèmefraiche and covered in rum syrup. When lunching, give the Smoked Paprika Shrimp Taco a go,a bed of avo puree is topped with kimchi, smashed black beans and corn piccada. Let anyone tell you you’re not in Mexico when you eat this. “DAWGS” are served with curly fries and greens, and glance over the Crispy & Friskysection for some Popcorn Chicken & Waffles.With Glam Burgers, Busty Bagels, Slinky Salads and X-rated Cheesecakesyou might end up ordering everything on the menu. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Roxanne’s has gone the extra mile to make their drinks menu something unique. The beauty of rum is you can shoot it, have it on-the-rocks, or mix it up with literally any ingredient. The Gypsy Rose Lee cocktail might make you believe you’ve woken up in Mississippi, with dark rum, rose syrup, guava and lime juice, orange bitters and egg white. If you prefer to steer clear of a rum punch, Roxanne’s has several beers and even Prosecco on tap!
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