According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the loudest snore recorded measured approximately 111.6 decibels. That is equivalent to a jet flying right over your home. It’s no wonder so many couples end up moving out of the bedroom in a desperate attempt to get a good night’s sleep. While snoring is more common in men, about 24 percent of adult women are habitual snorers too.

Snoring primarily occurs when the airways are partially obstructed during sleep, which can be due to various reasons like the anatomy of your mouth, obesity, or even your sleep positions. According to a notable sleep study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine  a change in one’s head position while sleeping can significantly impact snoring patterns.

Another German sleep study demonstrated that using a specifically designed anti-snoring pillow that adjusts head and sleep positions can reduce the snoring index significantly. The results showed a clear decrease in snoring when participants used a pillow that helped maintain their heads in a lateral position rather than flat on their backs.

“Understanding these triggers and mechanics is your first step to stop snoring”, says Carla Ewerste-Myburgh of Bed King. “Knowing the science behind the technology used in the latest pillows is the next step. But if simply changing your pillow and sleep position doesn’t help you may want to consult your doctor.”

For back sleepers there are gel contour pillows which are designed to cradle the head while supporting the neck. The gel layer works to dissipate heat, ensuring comfort throughout the night. Its design helps keep the airways more open, addressing one of the common causes of snoring for back sleepers.

Granulated memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers are soft and adjustable. This pillow allows stomach sleepers to get comfortable without elevating the head too much, which is crucial for keeping breathing unobstructed.

Activated charcoal memory foam shoulder recess pillows for side sleepers are engineered to fit snugly around the shoulder, ensuring the neck and spine stay aligned. The activated charcoal within the memory foam helps to absorb impurities and moisture, making it an excellent choice for maintaining freshness and supporting deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Firenze pillows are for people who move around in the night. These are designed with pocket springs that adapt to movement and provide outstanding spinal alignment and a comfortable night’s sleep.

Understanding your sleep position and selecting a pillow designed to support it can significantly reduce snoring and enhance overall sleep quality.

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