Do you use sex toys in your sexual relationship with your partner? If not, you should be

Sex toys are marvellous relationship tools: they can help you express your sexuality, lead to more communication, strengthen intimacy and add a whole lot of excitement to your sex life. Thankfully, society is also becoming more sex-positive and sex toys – once a taboo – are now ubiquitous in bedrooms around the world. There are many ways in which sex toys can benefit your relationship. But first, you need to recognise that sex is an extremely important part of any healthy relationship.  

The importance of sex in a relationship

Sex is important to your relationship and to your personal well-being. A 2017 study conducted in the US found that individuals experience higher levels of well-being when they have an active and satisfying sex life. As the study noted, “the size of the difference in well-being for people having sex once a week, compared with those having sex less than once a month, was greater than the size of the difference in well-being for those making $75 000 compared with $25 000 a year.”

Wow, that’s a big difference! The study also showed that sex promotes stronger and more positive connections between partners, increasing long-term relationship satisfaction over time. Good reasons to engage in sex often then!


But life can get in the way!

Loving relationships are great and bring countless benefits: security, companionship, support, and (if you’re lucky) true friendship. Committed partnerships also bring a unique level of intimacy, which on the one hand is wonderful, but on the other, heightens levels of familiarity. This, plus hectic schedules, work, kids and the demands of extended family can have a negative impact on your sexual relationship with your partner. Welcome to the world of sex toys.

The Advantages of Adult Toys

Psychology Today notes that couples who can explore new ways of intimacy (including trying out sex toys) tend to maintain passion, desire and relationship satisfaction better than couples who don’t.

Using sex toys will help couples cultivate a sense of openness and non-judgment within the relationship, which can only help to strengthen it. The advantages of using sex toys in your relationship are so many, that it would seem ridiculous to not include them in your sexual arsenal!

No pressure…

Sex toys take pressure off you and your partner. Seventy per cent of women need clitoral stimulation to climax, which can leave them and their partners feeling frustrated. Without feeling the pressure to orgasm, or the pressure to hold that position, men and women can relax more into it, and open a door to a new world of sexual pleasure.

Let’s talk about sex, baby

Sex toys also lead to more communication. If you’ve struggled in the past to address your sexual desires, purchasing sex toys will get the conversation started, and allow you and your partner to open up in the bedroom and out of it.

Going deeper

Sex toys can do a lot for intimacy too. Adding a few vibrators, dildos or butt plugs to your bedroom means you’re bound to explore more. This not only provides more excitement, but more knowledge about your partner too. Sex toys will allow you to both evolve sexually, which can only be a good thing for your relationship as a whole.

Better sex, more orgasms

Besides the benefits to the relationship, sex toys obviously will result in more pleasurable sex and more orgasms. Which again, relates back to the relationship as a whole. Couples who have an awesome sex life are far more likely to have a happy relationship.

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