Johannesburg,  – As the academic year draws to a close, The Ridge School celebrates a year of remarkable achievements that reflect the school’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence, cultural richness and sporting prowess, guided by their community’s cherished traditions and dedication to both nurturing and stretching young minds. In a special assembly, the Headmaster shared valuable life lessons that can extend to all Grade 7’s around the country as they transition to high school.

Reflecting on the year’s milestones, Headmaster Mr. Frank Rumboll, said, “As I embarked on this journey as the new Headmaster of The Ridge at the beginning of 2023, I was excited by the possibilities that a School of The Ridge’s magnitude and depth presents. As we have grown together throughout the year we’ve witnessed remarkable spaces for boys to be known and grown. I take immense pride in our collective achievements and look forward to the new year with the opportunity to take our endeavours and commitments to even greater heights.”

Among the cherished traditions that define The Ridge School, the Matric Special Assembly stands out. This annual gathering unites Grade 7 learners on the verge of transition with their soon-to-graduate matric counterparts. This memorable tradition stands as a testament to the enduring bonds and camaraderie that thrive within the school’s community, marking an occasion filled with nostalgia and anticipation.

During the assembly, Mr. Rumboll offered invaluable guidance and insights to Grade 7 learners. However, these shared insights extend beyond the school’s boundaries and hold value for Grade 7 learners across the country as they prepare to navigate the critical transition to high school.

Mr. Rumboll emphasised:

·           Embrace New Beginnings: With high school on the horizon, Mr Rumboll encouraged Grade 7 learners to embrace the exciting journey ahead. It’s a time of new beginnings, and it offers the opportunity to discover untapped potential and talents.

·           Stay Committed to Values: The Ridge School takes pride in instilling strong values like respect, integrity, compassion and perseverance. Mr Rumboll reminded Grade 7 learners of the importance of upholding their values as they embark on their high school adventures, as it will help them navigate the complex worlds of adolescence and beyond.

·           Seek Guidance and Support: Transitioning to high school can be a monumental change. Mr Rumboll emphasised the importance of seeking guidance from teachers, mentors, peers, and parents. It’s a shared journey, and students should always remember that they’re not alone in their endeavours. He reminded Grade 7s about the power of the many relationships they would have formed during their years at The Ridge.

·           Draw from Literature, Philosophy, and History: Close to 60% of the Grade 7 group volunteered to participate in the school’s newly created RidgeUp programme this year. Mr Rumboll emphasized the many powerful lessons the Literarure, Philosophy and History to which they were exposed, would have taught them and how these knowledge-enhancing experiences will differentiate them going forward.

Mr Rumboll concluded with a profound message saying, “May you tread the paths of High School with courage, kindness, sensitivity towards others (and otherness) and continue displaying an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Remember that this is not just a transition; it’s a transformation. Embrace the challenges, cherish the camaraderie, and let your journey be a testament to your potential. The future is bright and it is waiting for the confidence and purposeful-driven nature of your taking and giving.”