Stitches and Stews are also part of Rocking the Vaal this year. With this charity event, the public is encouraged to come together with a potjiekos (potjiekos – traditional South African stew) competition, where 300 pots will be made, and of course, the knitting of shawls to be gifted to the community – to be exact, 35,000 shawls.

After previous successes in breaking two world records, this year aims for four new world records. The previous records that were broken are: The largest hand-knitted blanket with 8,952.45 square meters and the most blankets distributed to charity at one event with a total of 8,774 units.

In 2024, the objectives are:

     To have the longest hand-knitted shawl – 35 kilometers

     To have the most bredies (a type of stew) in one place

     To break the record for the most loaves of bread in one place

     To butter the most loaves of bread in one place

“The economic climate is challenging, and people’s morale is low. With events like these, we can make people positive and excited about the future – all while having fun and making a contribution,” said Marinda Human, liaison officer and communication manager at the Emerald Resort & Casino.