NovaWoolf announces official exhibition launch of her latest collection

Ilse Lewis, also known as NovaWoolf is a multidisciplinary artist who is pleased to announce the official exhibition launch of her collection “The Path to Integration”. The collection has previously been unconventionally integrated into The Third Place, Newtown : a space where social hierarchies based on ethnicity, race, cultural heritage, and economic or social status are defied, to constructively engage in creating safe spaces for social connection in the heart of the city.

“The Path to Integration” will run from the 28th February 2019 – 6th March 2019. This collection is inspired by the psychological process involved in the healing of complex traumas, and the integration of the self – both on the level of the individual psyche, as well as the collective. This collection traces the healing journey through the processes of shadow-work, strengthening of the ego, releasing of destructive defence mechanisms, and the reorganising of the ID, toward integrating the previously fragmented self to achieve wholeness.

NovaWoolf is full of contradictions, curiosities, questions, and ideas

NovaWoolf’s visual language illuminates the complex processes involved in releasing psychic conflict toward attaining wellness & balance. She aims to honour both the complexity of concepts, and the necessity for simplistic communication, both the practical and the poetic, the known and the mysterious, the head and the heart. Her body of work, from digital illustrations, to charcoal drawings, and ink-and- watercolour paintings, explore themes of psychological trauma, victimhood, recovery, growth, and integration.

Her extensive qualifications, allow her to intellectually immerse herself into the social world, and individual psyche. Through her art supplies, books and music she has created a space to make sense of her thoughts, and journals to keep track of it all. It is primarily through this creative exploration with her art supplies that she has found a vehicle to implement and make accessible her insights.

NovaWoolf draws inspiration from various aspects of her own lived experience, as well as the more theoretical aspects of her academic work. Further, her admiration for fellow South African achievers drives her: “I am very lucky to have been surrounded by many extremely talented and inspiring creatives and intellectual equals across various fields, whom inspire me in everything that they do, whether through music, literature, design, research, or other professional pursuits,” says NovaWoolf.

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