RamApocalypse Now- Zapiro 2023 Annual

Ramapocalypse Now is the 28th annual collection from South Africa’s legendary cartoonist, Zapiro. And it’s set to be yet another bestseller as his award-winning cartoons continues to uncannily reflect the wild ride of life in this country.

For a cartoonist South Africa is the gift that keeps on giving,’ Zapiro says. ‘It’s been another crazy year with more ANC shenanigans, never-ending loadshedding, Zuma Stalingradding, Cyril’s Putin butt-kissing, Juju grandstanding and Steenhuisen moonshotting. We also had the deputy president thinking his VIP officers were taking a leak when they were brutally beating up citizens on the side of the highway plus Joburg having even more mayors than potholes and Bree Street exploding!

The rest of the world is not much better Zapiro reckons: Trump’s having more court time than Djokovic, the UK changes prime ministers like nappies and the Ukraine war is now a fixture and so is Zanu PF’s election theft just across our border.

Ramapocalypse Now captures history in a unique way and is a brilliant gift for anyone wanting to laugh and cry about the past 12 months.