Raider Harpoon - Less is More...

Specialists depend on the simplest and cleanest designs for even very complex technology, for they know that less is more. In creating the ultimate diving watch, this is exactly what Favre-Leuba has focused on. The Raider Harpoon keeps only the essentials omitting everything unnecessary. With its innovative functionality and by simplified complexity, it fits perfectly into a long line of legendary timepieces this watch brand has been designing for over 280 years.

Anyone who loves discovering the mysterious world underwater and cherishes the experience of unfathomable depths, knows how easy it is to forget time when in the deep blue. A wise diver, however, also knows that this can be very dangerous and hence always keeps track of the elapsed minutes that have passed since the dive commenced. This important information thus must always be clearly visible on a watch that is to be a reliable diving companion.


With its brilliant functionality and innovative technology, the Harpoon takes its place in a long line of watches from Favre-Leuba, which have earned their place in the history of watchmaking. The legendary brand has always set high standards, particularly in the area of diving watches, with the Bathy of 1968 – the first mechanical watch that not only displayed dive time but also the dive depth.

The unmistakable shape and bold design confirms that the DNA of the new Raider Harpoon belongs to the Favre-Leuba brand. The bezel boasts a special detail when observed more closely: it’s not just another circular functional element but rather a finely wrought Tetradecagon, which creates a distinctive look of the new collection. The case – a bow drawn from lug to lug, like a bridge running over time, is interpreted in a contemporary manner and shares the contrast of brushed and polished surfaces. At 46 mm in diameter, the Raider Harpoon is imposing. The case back is screwed in place to ensure that it’s always perfectly aligned – a precision that conveys no detail is ever too small.

The antireflective coating on the sapphire crystal improves visibility and the special diving extension folding clasp provides additional safety. It is available in a stainless steel or rubber bracelet.


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