Project your vibe with the new Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen projector

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – November Month 2023 – Compact enough to be held in one hand to take crystal clear and sensational big screen viewing experiences everywhere, the Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen is here. The Samsung Freestyle has been a popular high-end personal lifestyle projector since it was launched in 2022 and the highly anticipated 2nd generation Freestyle brings new features that makes the lifestyle vision of “screens everywhere” and “screens for all” even bigger.

Go bigger with the power of 2

One of the biggest upgrades in the new Freestyle 2nd Gen is Smart Edge Blending, a feature that seamlessly combines projections from two Freestyle 2nd Gen devices to create an extra-large screen for pictures and videos. When two Freestyle devices are connected through a mobile device on the same Wi-Fi, users can enlarge their screen by up to 160 inches and enjoy a 21:9 screen ratio with no further manual adjustments required. Speaker capacity can also be enhanced and intensified with the choice of dedicating the left and right stereo sound output to each device to create a more immersive audio experience.


Scale and Move Screen

Need to size things up or down? The Freestyle 2nd Gen has it covered, no need to move the image around. When the wall or surface isn’t quite right, this smart theatre-to-go makes it easy to shrink down the image, move it around and project from 30 to 100 inches. Plus, you can put your screen wherever you want in portrait or landscape orientation using the 180-degree tilt. Auto Levelling keeps the screen horizontal and prevents distortions, even on a tilted surface. Auto Focus ensures a clear picture, and Auto Keystone measures all angles to project at the universal 16:9 ratio.

Smart Entertainment Everywhere

Work out, follow a recipe or play a game—all from one portable smart theatre. It’s got content covered with the streaming services that users love and also the first projector with far-field voice control for hands-free flexibility, so you can take your hobbies to go. Moreover, you can pack in the power and easily pair The Freestyle 2nd Gen with your personal portable battery. The freestyle is compatible with external batteries that support USB-PD and 50W/20V output or aboce. With no need for an outlet, you can take it with you for on-the-go entertainment, indoors or out.

Voice Assistants

With the Freestyle 2nd Gen, everyday viewing isn’t just fun, it is easy. This smart projector comes with a built-in voice assistants. So if you want to find all your favourite shows, turn up the volume or take control, you just say it and the Freestyle 2nd Gen does it.

360° Sound

To go with the Immersive and astounding sounds with 360-degree audio from The Freestyle 2nd Gen. High-quality speakers ensure an earful, even from across the room.

The 2nd generation Freestyle brings new features that make it the must-have device to project your vibeThe versatility and innovation of this new Freestyle projector fits in the day-to-day needs of our customers, especially as we move into spring and summer seasons when people are more on the move they can have a big screen wherever they go with the Freestyle 2nd Gen.

The Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen projector is launching at R13,999.  The Early Order Offer includes exclusive gifts of up to R5000 which include a Carry Case, a battery base, 3 Freestyle skins as well as a R750 Netflix voucher for all your streaming needs. Early orders are valid from the 21st of September until the 29th of October. Visit for T&C’s and more details.

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