The recently run. NESCAFÉ RICOFFY campaign encouraging consumers to find innovative ways of upcycling their coffee tins and keeping them away from landfills was really well received

Since the launch of its Package Repurposing Challenge, the iconic South African brand has received numerous novel creations including a knife rack, bird feeders, braais and miniature stoves to more traditional options such as sweet stations and pot plant holders, according to Nicole Roos Executive Officer of Coffee & Beverages at Nestlé South Africa.

“Upcycling reduces the impact on the environment and extends the life cycle of tins and we are heartened by our consumers’ willingness to embrace creative repurposing. Achieving sustainability is a collaborative effort and our consumers are a key stakeholder,”  says Roos.


The Package Repurposing Challenge is in line with Nestle’s RE Sustainability initiative and the three pillars of Rethink, Reduce and Repurpose focused on the company’s ongoing commitment towards innovative sustainable practices which protect, renew and restore the environment and contribute to a waste-free future.

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