In March, the fashion spotlight shines on Moscow as the city hosts Moscow Fashion Week (MFW) from the 1st to the 8th. This event gathers over 120 designers worldwide, showcasing their latest creations and fostering connections across borders. With participants from diverse regions including Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, China, India, Turkey, South Africa, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Egypt, MFW represents a melting pot of global talents and emerging markets.


Moscow has increasingly become known as an international launchpad for up-and-coming designers. With local fashion brands experiencing steady annual growth of 10-15%, MFW provides a platform for international labels to unveil their designs and establish important business relationships. The event’s global reach extends to over 50 countries, with coverage across various digital platforms, catering to fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

This year’s MFW takes place at two iconic venues: the ‘Manege,’ an exhibition hall renowned for its proximity to historical landmarks such as the Kremlin and Red Square, and the international exhibition Russia at the architecturally significant VDNH.

The kickoff event drew significant attention from both the media and the public, with international celebrities gracing the front rows. Notably, Italian film icon Ornella Muti, celebrated for her roles in films like Gordon Flash and Oscar, showed support for her daughter, Naike Rivelli, as she walked the runway for Russian brand Maison ESVE. Chinese actress Lily Ji, known for her appearances in Pacific Rim: Uprising and Skiptrace, showcased her collection of traditional vintage Chinese dresses, celebrating her heritage and enriching the cultural diversity of the week.

Russian designers are blending heritage with innovation, with brands like Ermi incorporating ancient costume designs into modern textiles, and BITTE__RUHE exploring the mermaid core aesthetic with their collection of dresses and trousers. The brand KUZINA received praise for its inclusive approach, featuring models with Down syndrome, highlighting MFW’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

International representation continues with Indonesian brand IRMASARI JOEDAWINATA, which introduced a collection inspired by mystical ocean shores, embracing the modest fashion trend gaining popularity worldwide, including in Russia.

Attracting over 70,000 attendees and 5 million online viewers each season, MFW provides an unparalleled platform for designers seeking global exposure. Beyond the runway shows, the event includes a professional showroom, lectures, masterclasses, and a festival celebrating fashion in film.

Moscow Fashion Week not only solidifies its international reputation each year but also celebrates the rich tapestry of Russian and global cultures, earning its place as a key event on the international fashion calendar.