I want you to imagine for a second, a restaurant situated in the right location, serving the best food at an affordable price.

Upon visiting Moo Moo Restaurant at Mall of Africa, the reception could be described as nothing less than amazing. The staff was quite friendly and welcoming and had no problem ushering me to my designated table.

Familiarising myself with my cute little spot, I found the ambiance to be very charming, the lights hit all the right angles and it truly felt like the perfect place to take your partner for a romantic evening out.

The manager, who introduced himself offered a beautiful bottle of a 2021 Porcupine Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon to complimented the lovely series of dishes that came my way.

I had a three course meal which was worth every bite. The starter was the right portion and the waitress was kind enough to allow just the right amount of time to pass before bringing in the mains. For entrées, I had the Steak and Chicken Espetadas which really set the tone for the rest of the night. The Chicken Espetada was just remarkable and a definite highlight, there is just something about pairing deboned chicken breasts with sweet chilli sauce and stacking it up in an upside-down tower to capture everyone’s best impressions!

Throughout the night, the service remained unmatched and the whole restaurant remained a vibe. Dessert which was well served was called Milky Bar Parcels and was served with a nice big scoop of ice cream, a great way to end a fantastic evening.

My overall time at Moo Moo can be summed as elegant, captivating and mouth-watering. The Mall of Africa Franchise really cares about its customer’s experience and offer a commendable quality of service.

Its rare to find a place that gives you a wide variety of food without stretching your pocket far and Moo Moo Restaurant definitely set the record. As a franchise, Moo Moo Restaurant is on the right path of becoming a well-known establishment.

I cannot wait to return again and visit one of Gauteng’s hidden gems.

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