Benefits that mean something in uncertain times...

As the world pivots to a new normal the way we work, engage, and communicate has changed. Business has had to acclimatise and in many cases adapt existing services and offerings. MESH Club in Rosebank has done more than just that.

This trendy membership club is unlike any co-working space seen around the city. MESH has fine-tuned their offering as an exclusive membership club with select benefits for their members. Through strategic thinking MESH Club adds value to the entrepreneurs, creatives and captains of industry that gather in this exciting common ground for uncommon people.

“We offered our members a 2-month payment holiday or 20% discount to the current membership rate. We worked hard at arriving at a solution that would ensure we would survive, as well as giving our members the opportunity to recover financially. We also responded by discounting and simplifying our offering to 1 type of membership, either a monthly or annual offering. We also have 1-month notice cancellation which provides huge flexibility in these uncertain times.” says Dale Furphy, Director of MESH Club.

It’s all about the details at MESH, with member-wellness as a focus

What are the benefits of membership?  

“We upped the ante on our digital interaction with members and the public, really focusing on the key elements of community: communication. We issue regular, transparent updates on what is happening with our space and business, while keeping close to members to understand their needs,” comments Dale.

A blog launched for members is to feature and promote member businesses while reaching an extended network. The MESH Masterclass series has been introduced, and teaches brands how to innovate, pivot and survive in these unprecedented times, and the service is offered digitally, for free, to all members.

The concierge services are digital. You can connect through the MESH app and arrange business and office needs such as courier services, printing, parcel receipt, food and so much more. Contracts can now be signed digitally; debit order mandates are set up online and you can even pay your monthly bar tab without swiping your card!

A reciprocal global network is part of the membership meaning members have an elite place to meet, work or simply hang out in different locations around the globe.


How have you adapted to COVID-19?

“The space itself has totally reconfigured and been treated with Surface Defence Standard Treatment which remains active for 90 days. Safety protocols for the dynamics of a co-working venue have been implemented and staff trained accordingly.”

MESH has not only focused on getting back to business but the wellness of their members. Partnering up with one of the clubs in their global reciprocal network, Alma in Stockholm gives members access to online meditation sessions every week. This includes access to at-home yoga and linked in FitKey for free online at-home workouts.

Stodels Nursery has filled the venue with plants to increase a sense of wellbeing, for members at work. Indeed, research conducted by Bain & Company in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit found that engaged and inspired employees are 44% and 125% more productive, respectively, than satisfied employees, which leads to improved financials.



Co-working Trends

Looking at trends and predictions surrounding co-working as lockdown restrictions lift shares 3 reasons why the co-working industry should emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger, important and necessary. The main reason being remote workers need to work somewhere.

Kobus van Zy GM of MESH Club believes there will be a big migration away from oversized and expensive office buildings into field offices or co-working spaces. Companies will realise that offices are unnecessary costs to maintain. Co-working spaces have the flexibility needed for downsizing companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs who do not want long-term lease agreements but rather seek flexible terms.

People are becoming comfortable with remote and digital working. This doesn’t imply all those remote workers will work at home indefinitely. After months of lockdown and working at home, it is safe to say that people will be looking to work somewhere else, anywhere else!

Dale predicts that co-working spaces will grow but with a different user base expanding from entrepreneurial to include more flexible companies offering their employees a new way of working with added value.

“The biggest trend is executives looking for satellite offices away from their current office building.  We also see people new to co-working looking for space where they can be productive and creative” comments Kobus.



“I have noticed new professionals coming to our space. Now more than ever we see virtual assistants needing a quiet space from which to work, online tutors needing solid AV and Wi-Fi for lessons. Designers have set up a showroom in the boardroom and virtually streamed a collection launch to fashion buyers internationally. They say necessity creates!” says Dale

This beautifully design-driven space, filled with art, sculpture and curated furniture has a sophisticated feel to it. The space creates an atmosphere of creativity in a peaceful and indulgent environment. The lifestyle offered here is one of community, of well-networked individuals, movers, and shakers. This premium membership prides itself on intuitive, five-star service for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Because after all your net worth, is your network.


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