Chocolate and Beer pairing is the perfect way to spend time with your dad or the man in your life

Lovingly created by the LINDT Master Chocolatiers, LINDT Excellence features a wide variety of flavours and textures. Each chocolate delivers a sophisticated taste journey as it stimulates your five senses: taste, touch, sound, sight and smell.

What you may not know is the Excellence range of chocolate pair well with beer as the flavour profiles of different beers are often similar to the notes in dark chocolate. The different flavours vary from intense through to sweet, ensuring chocolate novices and connoisseurs alike are delighted when their favourite Excellence chocolate meets its perfect ale.

LINDT’s Master Chocolatier and the Brew Master at Jack Black Beer in Cape Town have put their heads together and created a list of recommended pairings you can easily try at home on Father’s Day, or when looking for an opportunity to spend time with the man in your life.

LINDT Excellence 70% Dark with Jack Black Butchers Block Pale Ale

The perfect word to describe this combination is balance. The fruity undertones of the ale balanced by the 70% cocoa flavour pairs extravagantly well with the symmetry between malt and hops found in Jack Black’s Butcher Block Pale Ale. This, along with the underlying vanilla notes in the dark chocolate creates a wonderfully distinctive taste.

LINDT Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate also pairs well with double Espresso, Shiraz Wine, Green Tea and Red Vermouth.

LINDT Excellence 78% Dark with Jack Black Skeleton Coast IPA

Excellence 78% Dark and Jack Black’s Skeleton Coast IPA make for an intense and intriguing pairing. The powerful earthy aromas and floral notes in the beer complement the chocolate’s rich flavour. The high alcohol content contrasted by the powerful hoppy and citrus notes makes this a perfect combination. 

LINDT Excellence 78% Cocoa also pairs extremely well with Cappuccino, Rosé, Tea with milk and Champagne.

LINDT Excellence Orange Intense with Jack Black Lumberjack Amber Ale

Jack Black’s Lumberjack Amber Ale has a malty intensity, complementing the sweeter character of the LINDT Excellence Orange Intense dark chocolate. This clever pairing is strengthened by the piney-citrus aroma of the beer and made truly magical by the toasted almond notes in the chocolate.

LINDT Excellence features the likes of 70% Dark, 85% Dark, Mint Intense, Orange Intense and Sea Salt flavours in 100g tablets (RRP: R49.99; the 90% and 99% RRP R54.99). Flavours vary from intense through to sweet, with many combinations proving to be unexpectedly delicious and indulgent.

Since 2007 Jack Black has been brewing beers that inspire, excite and push the boundaries of craft beer in South Africa. There are currently nine different beers in the range so finding your perfect beer and chocolate combination will be easy to achieve.

For more information on LINDT Excellence range, follow the Facebook page, Instagram profile or head to the website.

To find out more about Jack Black Beer or to purchase beers, please visit the website. For updates on and news, follow Jack Black Beer on Instagram and Facebook.


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