Brunch isn’t just a meal. It’s a celebration. Whether it’s the mouthwatering mix of sweet and savoury dishes, the oh-so-refreshing taste of an Aperol Spritz, or the simple pleasure of sharing food with your closest crew, brunch is where it’s at—and Aperol Spritz is making everyone’s favourite meal even better with #LETSTOGETHER.


Togetherness is at the heart of every memorable brunch. It’s the laughter shared over a perfectly cooked dish, the clinking of glasses filled with Aperol Spritz, and the warmth of being surrounded by those who matter most. Togetherness is more than a state of being; it’s a celebration of life’s simple joys.

#LETSTOGETHER turns “together” into a verb—it’s a call-to-action to gather, indulge, and enjoy. It’s not just about where you are or what you do, it’s about who you do it with. Aperol Spritz’s #LETSTOGETHER campaign kicks off with a social media series featuring influencer chefs who craft mouthwatering pairing boards and reveal their best-kept culinary secrets.

This series is all about fun, flavour, and community, teaching you the perfect pairings for Aperol Spritz so you can create your own unforgettable Aperol experience at home.

Meet The Chefs

#LETSTOGETHER teams up with some fabulous foodies who bring their culinary magic and enthusiasm to the series.

Tess and Matt, the dynamic duo behind Mush, infuse joy and creativity into everyday cooking, while Plated by Palesa shares her delightful home-cooked recipes. Yolanda Khumlalo, Lucciano Petersen, and Penny Moleleki add their distinct perspectives, enriching the series with diverse flavours and techniques. Sinoyolo Sifo (Sifo the Cooking Husband) combines his passion for cooking with his cultural roots, breaking stereotypes and uniting people through his inventive dishes.

#LETSTOGETHER kicks off with Mush, who shows off the perfect pairing with Aperol Spritz—ricotta open toast topped with pistachio pesto, confit garlic, and prosciutto. Next, Penny Moleleki starts with setting the perfect table for gathering friends and family. This is followed by a bright fruit board and a mouthwatering bagel board featuring pastrami, salmon, cream cheese, and avocado. Boards like these are brunch perfection, offering a delightful variety of flavours and textures that create a fun, interactive dining experience.

Ready to elevate your brunch game? Tune into these foodies’ Instagram pages to see more perfect pairings and make your next brunch unforgettable.


Just like brunch, an Aperol Spritz is all about sharing and community—and what better way to celebrate than by getting involved at home? Join the joy on Instagram and you could win fantastic prizes, including Aperol Spritz cocktail kits, product drops, branded kitchen and homeware, and more!