Kirsten Goss (KG) is an independent jewellery design company specialising in locally manufactured, high-end, every-day jewellery for the independently minded, discerning wearer...

The company opened its doors in London 19 years ago and subsequently opened four shops in South Africa. Kirsten designs and conceptualises all the work and the collections are manufactured by an in-house team of goldsmiths, using a variety of unusual gemstones and fine materials. KG specialises in limited-edition and one-off pieces that are modern, sophisticated and fashion-forward, but always classic. Love them today – love them always.


Kirsten studied a BA Fine Art with Jewellery Design and Gemmology at the University of Stellenbosch. The attention to detail coupled with the unusual use of materials and form are the pillars of the company ethos: pushing boundaries associated with classic jewellery whilst remaining casual and relatable for everyday wear (prêt-à-porter).

KG has a dedicated and loyal following of clients both locally and globally, with celebrity fans over the years including Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosamund Pike, Milla Jovovich, Helena Bonham-Carter, Nicole Scherzinger and Miranda Kerr. The company has scooped up many retail, design and business awards over the years including ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the SA Business Awards in London in 2014; and ‘Most Beautiful Object In South Africa’ at Design Indaba 2012. Kirsten was named one of the ‘100 World Class South Africans’ by City Press in 2017.


In her own words: “Moving into Hyde Park Corner feels like a dream. It’s always been about timing and position, and this perfect opportunity arose at such a perfect moment for the brand which will be celebrating 20 years in the industry next year. We couldn’t be excited for this new adventure.”

‘Fun, sophistication and luxury all rolled up into one luscious experience’ is how Kirsten would best describe her brand.

NOTE: All Covid protocols will be in place.

Visit the new Kirsten Goss store at Hyde Park Corner on the corner of William Nicol Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue.




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