Johannesburg, February 2024 | Traveling to Zanzibar is like stepping into a world where history, culture, and natural beauty come together to create an unforgettable travel experience. Jacaranda FM‘s Rob Forbes recently embarked on a journey to this tropical paradise with his partner and fellow radio personality Leah Jazz and shares his top tips for anyone looking to visit the African paradise in the near future.

Explore The Historic Stone Town

Rob began his Zanzibar adventure by immersing himself in the enchanting atmosphere of historic Stone Town. Spending two nights at the Tembo House Hotel, he delved into the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site that has been inhabited for over 1000 years. Stone Town’s narrow, winding streets are a labyrinth of shops and stalls, offering an array of art, textiles, coffee, and spices. The distinctive architecture, influenced by Swahili, Indian, Arab, and European styles, showcases the rich history of the island. Rob recommends keeping an eye out for the beautiful Zanzibari doors the stone town has to offer while exploring..

Culinary Delights at Forodhani Night Market

A highlight during Rob’s visit to Zanzibar was indulging in some delicious food at the vibrant Forodhani Night Market, where a multitude of chefs offered delectable treats, from fresh seafood to Zanzibari Pizza. Negotiable prices and the opportunity to witness the preparation on propane tanks made this a memorable culinary adventure. The Jacaranda FM host recommends washing the meal down with freshly squeezed sugarcane and lime juice, creating an authentic Zanzibar dining experience.

Tranquil Days in Kiwengwa

After spending some time at Stone Town, Rob chose the serene village of Kiwengwa on the island’s east coast for their next stop. Opting for an Airbnb in the heart of the village, they enjoyed the tranquillity of a 1-bedroom apartment with a private pool surrounded by palm trees. It was there where Rob also caught up with old friend and former colleague Fix Moeti at The Yoga Bar. Both being DJs, Rob and Leah found themselves performing a five-hour back-to-back DJ set on New Year’s night as handsome and handsome – their new DJ duo act.

Crystal-Clear Waters

A trip to Zanzibar wouldn’t be complete without exploring its underwater wonders. Rob embarked on a snorkeling adventure with The Safari Blue, sailing to the beautiful reefs south of the island on their own boat. The crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life are some of Zanzibar’s aquatic treasures – and a major reason why the destination sees travellers from all over the world flocking to the island. According to Rob, no trip to Zanzibar is complete without enjoying the island’s beautiful waters.

As he reflects on his trip to the Tanzanian island, the Jacaranda FM drive host explains that a visit to Zanzibar is a perfect blend of historical exploration, culinary delights, and rejuvenating beach days – and should be a must on everyone’s travel bucket list.

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