It’s been a rough year – not one person on the planet can disagree. Everyone has felt the enormous impact of the pandemic on our daily lives including the immense pressure on our personal finances...

We find ourselves hustling even harder just to keep things together and make a buck or two. It has been relentless, and everyone just needs some time out. This is why, in 2021, Savanna will make it a reality for ten lucky South Africans with a Savatical – in its purest form, taking time out with three months’ salary in place.

“We are proud to introduce our newest Siyavanna proposition – Savatical. We love to connect with local societal norms and to reward their talented originators, and after spending many days and nights we have found and credited the originator of this South African meme to bring Savatical to life:  REST, BAFWETHU, REST. We are in close touch with our audience and understand their need for rest, whether by taking some time out, or just taking the load off in terms of a secured income for three months,” says Eugene Lenford, Marketing Manager for Savanna.

All over social media platforms, South Africans have been talking about the need to just slow down and get the chance to take a break. Experts are all warning against burn out and the importance of taking time out. But, in typical South African style, people have not been offering advice in the form of breathing exercises or the latest spa specials – they have been showcasing their empathy by simply sharing rest’s own cultural moment with each other: REST, BAFWETHU, REST.

To stand a chance to win a Savatical by Savanna, you can purchase any crisp Savanna Light, Dry, Angry Lemon or Jean by simply dialling *120*1538# and enter your undercap code during 1 March – 31 April, 2021, and who knows, you could lay all your problems to rest, BAFWETHU.

“To all the Savanna fans out there: we will continue to recognise local trends and memes and reward and credit you for them. Go from a stressed life to your best life, and let all the nonsense bounce right off of you,” concluded Lenford. “We would love to hear and see from you, with what you would do on your Savatical, how you would flaunt it, or what your Savatical vibes would be – #SiyavannaSouthAfrica #SavannaSavatical #RestBafwethu.”



Joburg Style, in conjunction with Savanna, is giving away x2 Savanna Retro coolers with stock available at R2 000 each.

To Enter: simply email by the 26th March 2021 (close of business), with “REST, BAFWETHU, REST” in the subject line.

Good Luck!!!

Savanna promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18. 


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