It’s no secret that the typical home WiFi network has more devices connected to it NOW than ever before.

Most people would opt for a faster internet connection as soon as they start experiencing a slower-than-usual internet connection. Others would install a WiFi repeater as soon as they notice WiFi ‘dead spots’ throughout the house.

Unfortunately, neither of the above problems is permanently solved in this manner. Simply put, adding more internet speed to an already congested WiFi network does not create more network capacity. Adding a WiFi repeater as another WiFi client, solves the problem of alleviating work from an already overloaded WiFi router.

Luckily for us, there is hope in the form of what is called a WiFi Mesh System. It completely replaces your current WiFi router with a system of up to five WiFi routers, becoming what is known as a WiFi Mesh System. This enables your home to become an intelligent system of routers that ensures whole home WiFi coverage.

To understand the benefits of these systems more clearly, let’s dive deeper into one such product available in South Africa today, called the ASUS ZenWiFi Pro XT12.

According to ASUS, the ZenWiFi Pro XT12 is a new paradigm for whole-home mesh WiFi. After taking some time to test the device ourselves, we can agree that it combines performance and beauty in a perfectly balanced package.

More Streams, More Bandwidth

This is a 12-stream device, with a combined total data rate of up to 11000 Mbps. Meaning it has loads of capacity for transmitting and receiving data to a large number of devices simultaneously, thereby also reducing dead zones and giving it the performance edge for even the busiest of home networks.

Flexible Backhaul Choice

 This WiFi system allows you to separate the client network, and what is called the ‘backhaul’ network between the routers in your WiFi system. This is done by either the second 5 GHz band, or through a wired ethernet connection between router nodes. Alternatively, you can choose the automatic mode and allow the ZenWiFi Pro XT12 to choose the best connection type, based on your environment. The choice is always yours!

Effortless Setup and Management

The easy-to-use ASUS Router app offers a simple setup and easy management of your system, so you’ll be up and running in no time. The powerful web interface gives you access to at-a-glance status reports and in-depth settings via a handy dashboard. You can also use it to configure your router’s QoS settings, VPN operation, port configuration and much more.

Commercial-Grade Security for Your Home

Home network security is crucial when you have multiple connected devices, especially if your network hosts devices without virus protection, such as IoT devices. The system comes with a lifetime free AiProtection Pro tool, including advanced Parental Controls, and also uses the latest WPA3 security protocol.

All of this combined, makes this system a must have for any home that is in dire need of a whole-home WiFi solution that won’t let you down.

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