Geri Boutiques has been importing the most iconic and luxurious Italian fashion brands into South Africa since 1988

From Aeronautica to La Martina and everything inbetween, they have always believed in authenticity, premium quality, and a promise to continue sharing their passion for these unique brands with those who appreciate that which they have to offer.

As the seasons pass, it’s the fashion lovers and admirers alike that look to stay updated on the latest Europe-inspired trends. At Geri Boutiques, there is a shared love for putting together the strongest looks that emanate from the wearer a sense of confidence and fashion-forwardness that cannot be found anywhere else.

With Winter in full-swing and Summer approaching, Geri Boutiques has put together 3 looks for the man who knows what he wants. These looks are inspired by the streets of Milan and the lifestyle that comes with it. Here below, find the GERI STYLE GUIDE:

Look 1:

Stay protected from the elements with this fur-hooded LAB Pal Zileri Jacket. The distressed PT05 jeans add edge to the smart casual look, while the GERI by Doucal’s shoes and Xacus shirt ensure a classic Italian combination.

Look 2:

You can never go wrong keeping it traditional. This look experiments with rich blue hues in the Xacus polka dot shirt and Pal Zileri blazer and adds a pop of colour in the white PT05 jeans. The leather LAB Pal Zileri belt and matching Doucal’s shoes completes the luxury and fashion-forward Eurocentric ensemble.

Look 3:

Next to every formal outfit should be a clean casual look. Here we have a powerful statement piece in the Blauer USA jacket, a brand new to South Africa and exclusive to GERI Boutiques. The shirt is Aeronautica Militare which is the one brand that continues to be one of the most popular among the South African elite. The Jacob Coh?n are a staple that complement almost any look. The Andrea Zori sneakers offer comfort and functionality while mainting a clean and stylish look. Together this look certifies a finely crafted Winter weekend look that sets you apart with attention to detail using only the finest in hand-crafted materials.

Shop these looks at your nearest GERI Boutiques stores or visit for more.

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